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Old 02-11-2018, 06:46 AM
oodnoodn oodnoodn is offline
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My condolences.
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Old 02-11-2018, 07:21 AM
A Seabee A Seabee is offline
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I was a mechanic at dealerships for many years. I've seen mice get into the blower fan and die...on the inside of the squirrel cage. the smell was unbelievable. Took the back seat out of a used Sentra once and found about 1000 cockroaches living there.
I would get the guy to pay for any damages to the car and for a complete interior detail and sanitize. If he won't, take him to small claims court. Mention Hanta virus when you ask for him to pay. The poor guys working in that shop have to work in that rat infested environment too.
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Old 02-11-2018, 10:01 AM
Steve9 Steve9 is offline
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OP, they didn't chew your seats up to get to the condiments.
They shredded the cushion material to make a nice plush bed,
somewhere else.

Originally Posted by ACampComLegacy View Post
It takes :30 to detect C (current) or H (history) DTC POxxxx, once he hooks up computer to ALDL assembly line diagnostic interface in your car.

(knowing [almost] all is a burden sometimes)
Translated, go to Autozone or Advance, they'll pull your codes
for free, and you can google 'em and get some (sometimes exactly,
sometimes not) idea of what's wrong.

Originally Posted by jerryjeff View Post
Rats and mice will also eat your wiring.
They sure will. EPA mandated more "biodegradability" on automakers, and
one way to meet approval was to change wiring insulation from traditional
petroleum base, to a SOYBEAN base--aka "food", for rodents.

It's a BIG problem, and it can happen overnight, to "daily drivers"--the
vehicle doesn't have to be left sitting for weeks.

Originally Posted by medalguy View Post
My daughter had a similar problem with mice in the fan compartment. Took three visits to the dealer with no resolution and another visit to a neighborhood shade-tree mechanic to correctly diagnose the issue. Mice had gotten up through the drain tube into the fan compartment and set up housekeeping there, eating wires, insulation, and hoses. Cost her almost $900 to fix the damage.
They got into the cabin air intake filter box the same way air comes in--
from the open trough that runs along base of windshield. Pop the plastic
cover off and you'll be looking right into the open filter box. They gain access
to that area from wheel wells/engine compartment.

In my case, half the box was full of polyester batting (pulled from the engine cover),
and the other half was full of acorns. Eating in bed, but not complete
slobs: they used the engine compartment as the bathroom.

I covered the filter box opening with galvanized rain gutter guard.

Edit: if you find evidence of rodent activity, check the engine air
intake system and screen it, too.

They also gnawed through a sensor wire on engine. I repaired that
and used a spray can of asphalt-based undercoating on wiring, and
tucked a few bags of mothballs in different areas under the hood.

I still keep an eye out for droppings and "p" streaks in the engine

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Old 02-11-2018, 10:16 AM
luigi luigi is offline
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i had a Tundra I didn't drive much and field mice ate the spark plug wires, etc. Have a lawyer sit in the car....the rats will leave.
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Old 02-11-2018, 11:27 AM
Rob W. Rob W. is offline
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If you don't have a lawyer handy, you can use laundry dryer fabric sheets (like Bounce) tucked into nooks and crannies in the engine compartment. Keeps the rats away.
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Old 02-11-2018, 11:35 AM
4gun-drill 4gun-drill is offline
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I would make sure the rats/ mice are actually gone. I bought an old truck a few years back, it was a project and gave me something to tinker with. Anyway, wife went with me to look at it and made the comment that there were mice in it. Before I brought it home I cleaned out everything I could and never saw a single mouse so I thought it was fine and I parked it in the garage. About two weeks later our house had the worst mouse infestation I have ever seen. Putting traps in the garage I was catching 2-3 mice in a single spring trap, never seen anything like it.
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Old 02-11-2018, 12:34 PM
The Original Youngblood The Original Youngblood is offline
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Originally Posted by jerryjeff View Post
Rats and mice will also eat your wiring.
As the German 24th Panzer Division discovered, much to their chagrin, during operations in and around Stalingrad.

The little tidbits that one finds rattling around in their heads after so many years ...
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Old 02-11-2018, 01:09 PM
jerryjeff jerryjeff is offline
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They will eat lots of stuff and I've seen an electron microscope pic of their teeth, designed to chew through tin cans. I had a rat a while back carry off a bar of Lava soap from the outside basin. I wasn't sure if it was really there in the first place so I put a new bar on the sink. Days later it was gone too and I saw droppings. I trapped the rat but I was kind of amazed it carried off a whole bar of soap and evidently ate it. Yuck.
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Old 02-11-2018, 01:26 PM
trfindley trfindley is offline
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Dwight Frye should have been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the movie.
During World War II, he made a contribution to the war effort by working nights as a tool designer for Lockheed Aircraft

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Old 02-11-2018, 01:42 PM
howardhuge howardhuge is offline
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I place my cat inside my Old SUV with good results...just remember to take him out in the AM.
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