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Old 01-19-2018, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by KurtC View Post
Consistency is the important part. Match rifles must be able to hold 10 shots in the group, for several consecutive groups. 3 or 5 don't mean much.

A Super Match is also designed to shoot MOA at 800 yds with match grade ammuntion. A 16.5 inch barrel and surplus ammo won't do that. You need a longer barrel to get the proper velocity with 168's or 175's. Longer barrels create more whip. That's where the heavy barrel and draw pressure come into play.
Thank you for your straight forward answer.
I think I have that covered with my Smith Enterprise "Crazy Horse" M21A5, it's a medium heavy 22" barrel with a 1:10 twist.

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Old 02-04-2018, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by JGW006 View Post
Hi, as I'm waiting to get my Garands' built, I'm interested in getting a top shelf M1A also. I know much less about the M1A than the Garand. My goal for an M1A would be top shelf all the way through the rifle: accuracy, trigger, fit, aesthetics, . . . everything about the rifle that makes is a joy to just look at, a pleasure to shoot, and friends envious that its beauty is surpassed by its accuracy.

I'm sure I can just by a Springfield Super Match, but will that meet all my criteria (including AAA furniture)? Or do I get a base model Springfield M1A and send it to one of the top builders to work their magic on it?

I'm not shooting in the sandbox (unless I catch a cat in it!), so I don't need "sandbox" level durability, but I still want that as well.

Ideas / references to builders? I don't mind spending for top quality.

Texas State Rifle Association has many still regularly shooting their M14 competition rifles. And the senior members often started with the M14 in the military, then moved into competition. I’d go to an NRA XTC Match and ask participants what they used, where they got their rifle, so forth. Of course, all this presumes you want a service rifle configuration that will perform across the course.

When I started NRA XTC Matches, several TSRA Master and High Master competitors gave me great pointers on the rifle and XTC strategy. One recommended an armorer, Alan Dale Hurt of Dickson, TN. Alan’s worked on several M14 and M1 Garands for me and other shooters at my club. Everything’s top drawer with the result: fit, finish, aesthetics, and performance. He has worked on a variety of receivers; he’ll tell you whether the one you send him will meet expectations.

Some excellent points raised in this thread, including from KurtC, Grateful Patriot, and nf1e

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