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Old 02-14-2020, 06:16 PM
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Default Imgur pics from IPhone into forum post

Here’s how to add a picture link to a Forum post from your iphone. On your iphone open Safari and search Imgur. It will come up with a blank page with a “get app” icon in the upper right corner. Click that and push the “get” button, then download the app. It’s the little cloud with a down arrow. Now exit safari and click on the Imgur app icon on your phone. If you already have an Imgur account set up, your Imgur home screen will come up. If you don’t have an Imgur account you will have to set one up (your on your own there as I already have one). There is a + sign in the upper right corner, click that and select “allow photos access”. You will now see your iphone photos. On the top center it says “recents” with a down arrow, click the arrow and you can select other options. If you have several photos of one subject, in iphone photos set up an album and you can upload the whole album link using the following directions also.

Select a phone photo, in the new window you will see “Public” with a down arrow, click the arrow and choose “Hidden” otherwise it will be out there for everyone to see on the worldwide web!! Now click “Upload” in the upper right, and “Copy Link”. Go to your forum and click “new thread” or “post reply”. Type in a title if needed, and then in the text box select the web link icon (earth with chain link below the smiley face). In the “Please enter the URL of your link” box, touch twice after http:// and select paste. A link should now appear in your text box. Go down and select “preview post” and make sure the link works before posting. If posting more than one link, make sure there is a line break between them.

For an existing Imgur account, click on the person icon in lower right and select a photo, click on a photo you want to add a link to and select “share” from the bar on the bottom of the screen. If the picture is in an album, click on the album and then click the picture, and then the Upload icon (looks like a U with up arrow). Or to copy the whole album, click on an album then click share on the bottom right. On the page that comes up select “copy link” and same as above.

I haven’t figured out yet how to post a picture directly into your post from your iphone. And you can’t edit photos from the app either. It will only let you add a title, description or delete. You will need to edit them in your photos app on your iphone.

Again, with Imgur be careful to always select “Hidden”, or whatever you post will displayed over the entire world wide web. You will receive umpteen comments and everyone will know your “bidness”!! You can always delete a public post or change it to hidden.
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