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Old 12-19-2010, 12:03 AM
sandhills writer sandhills writer is offline
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Default H335

Anyone use H335 or Win 748 in their Garand. Hornady, has both powders listed in thier M1 Service Rifle section.
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Old 12-19-2010, 01:11 AM
HenryPatrick HenryPatrick is online now
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Location: Nebraska
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Never used either. Where in the sandhills are you writing?
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Old 12-19-2010, 10:34 AM
Scott in Michigan Scott in Michigan is offline
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I have used H335 simply because I have lots of it for use in .223. Because of it's burn rate, I have found that it needs to be loaded toward the top end in .30-06 cases to get 100% function.

I stopped using it and reverted to IMR4064 or PD4895. I can get 100% function with milder loads.

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Old 12-19-2010, 11:37 AM
kentuckytroutbum kentuckytroutbum is offline
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I use Win 748 for my loads in a 03A3 and Garand. My load is 46.0 gr. of Win 748 behind a good quality 150 to 155 Hornady or Sierra bullet in HXP cases and LRP primers for both rifles. Chrono'd at 10 ft., in my 03A3, this load is clocking 2522 fps. No need to go full power if shooting CMP matches at 200 yds, and beat up your rifle and your shoulder. It functions perfectly in my Garand.

Again, start low and work up your loads.

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Old 12-19-2010, 10:00 PM
MarkB MarkB is offline
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I use H335for my 7.7 Arisaka, so i thought I would try some in my Garand, using M2 150gr bullets, I loaded one clip with each of the recommended loads listed in the Hornady 7th addition, it was not good. I started with the lowest and worked my way to the highest, and it was very inaccurate and threw the brass 15ft, it seemed way to hot even at the lowest charge.

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Old 11-25-2011, 10:16 PM
ram78d10 ram78d10 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
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I tried 38 grains of H335 behind a 147 gr bullet. The rifle functioned OK, and the group was about what you would expect from cheap 147 gr bullets.
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Old 11-26-2011, 08:07 PM
Iggy Iggy is offline
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Location: Michigan
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I use Win 748 for the Garand - 44.8 gr with a 168 SMK using a Mag primer. Very good accuracy, start low and work up slow.
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Old 11-26-2011, 09:19 PM
Pappy Pappy is offline
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Location: Ohio
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Tried Win 748 in the Garand but didn't work as well as IMR4064, H4895, Varget. All my 7.62x54r's Nagants really like it pushing .311" and .312" 150 grainers
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Old 11-27-2011, 10:41 AM
Unclenick Unclenick is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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H335 is canister grade WC844. WC844 was developed for 5.56 NATO (.223). WC846 was developed for 7.62 NATO and is sold in canister grade as BL-C(2). For .30-06, WC852 was developed and is sold as H380 in canister grade.

Spherical propellants tend to have higher bulk density than the sticks. For that reason you wind up having to go to on the slower burning end before a maximum charge requires high enough charge weight to fill the case well. This has several consequences: One is that because spherical powders are also harder to ignite than sticks, you often need to get the case fairly full for most consistent ignition, which pushes you toward maximum loads of slower powder, which the Garand doesn't favor, so the good load charge weight band is narrower than with sticks. Another is that mild loads of sphericals, not filling the case well, produce greater MV extreme spread than sticks do (though at 200 yards you may not notice high ES on the target). This is the same thing as higher position sensitivity. Another is general sensitivity to ignition conditions. You may need magnum primers for best consistency. You may need to deburr flash holes in your cases for best consistency.

Spherical powders meter so consistently it's tempting to assume they'll perform more consistently, but the the ignition and fill density issues can swamp that advantage right out. In the OP's instance, trying to use a fast-ish spherical in the big .30-06 case, you have the worst combination. I got groups in my M1A down 40% by deburring flash holes when I tried to run moderate loads of Accurate 2520 one year. I've never seen it make a whit of difference to stick powder in that gun, but with the spherical 2520 it sure did. Use magnum primers to help pressurize the empty space in the case, for sure. Test maximum loads after tipping the muzzle up to get the powder over the flash hole. Test minimum loads the other way around, after tipping the muzzle down to get powder away from the flash hole. This will avoid overpressure in the first instance and underfunctioning in the second instance, as it will encourage worst case maximum and minimum pressures, respectively.

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Old 12-02-2011, 06:12 AM
TokiWartooth TokiWartooth is offline
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I seem to get minor hang firing with Win 748 and LR primers. I'm done with it.
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