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Old 09-02-2011, 04:51 PM
GrampawEd GrampawEd is offline
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Default Remington Model 552 story.

Some years ago, my 90 year old brother gave me his 552. It looked in good shape until I pulled the bolt back. It probably had never been cleaned and would barely cycle. While cleaning, I noticed a bulge in the barrel about 8 inches from the muzzle. I got the thing back together and went to the range. What a shooter!!! No problems feeding, extracting or anything. Nice gun.

At the NRA/DACA gun show August 20-21, I found a kinda rough looking 552. (My daughter likes .22's and especially the old 552 and took mine home with her.) Another fellow was at the table talking about other rifles on the table. I picked up the 552 and asked how much. $70. Wow, I don't need another .22 but was considering it. The first fellow said he had armadillo and raccoon problems and would buy it if I didn't. I told the guys about my brother's 552, while running my fingers up and down the barrel of this one. Would you believe it had a bulge in the barrel in about the same place. Actually not as big a bulge as mine but noticeable. The guy almost threw the rilfe down until I told him about shooting mine. He decided he would take the chance.

I never would have thought the .22 round could generate enough pressure to cause a bulged barrel.
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Old 09-03-2011, 07:52 AM
williwm williwm is offline
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I have several 22 rifles and also a S&W singleshot pistol that has ringed or bulged barrels. I see no effects on accuracy. I was at first concerned of shooting any ringed barrel. but now it doesn't bother me with 22's. I would not shoot a centerfire or shotgun with a bulge.
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