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Old 04-14-2012, 06:41 PM
ghouse ghouse is offline
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Default WTS M1 National Match Garand

This is a real National Match Garand, not a put together gun. This is what I know about this rifle. My friend/coworker bought this rifle about 6 years ago from a estate sale in Louisiana. The owner had passed away, his family found these rifles in the attic along with several others. The family stated that the owner bought the rifle in the early-mid 60's. The owner had daughters and they had no interest in the rifles, so he just stored them after he bought them. When my friend bought the rifle it was still wrapped in wax paper and coated in cosmoline. At this time he didn't know what he had bought (he isn't a Garand nut like the rest of us). He and his son have only shot this rifle on 3 occassions, estimating about 75-100 rounds down the pipe. Approx 2 months ago he showed the rifle to me. I was fairly certain that it was a NM Garand. I have looked on the internet and from everything I see it is a NM Garand. Now to the rifle. Every single part has NM stamped into the metal, and every part has 9574 written on it with a permanent marker (last 4 digits of ser#). The overall condition is excellent to new. It has a 3.4 million Springfield receiver and 1963 barrel that has never been reparked (chamber in the white). From what I have read this date of the barrell is at the tail end of the NM rifles. I am helping my coworker/friend sell the rifle. I have an account on Gunbroker as Ghouse with 100% positives (I am offering this here first). I have never been able to figure how to post pics here (gunbroker is easy). I will gladly send pics, I have about 30 pics of rifle. If you are seriously interested e-mail me and I will send pics or I will send you my cell phone # to discuss. I am going to leave this post on this site for about 3 weeks, if no interest then it goes to Gunbroker. He is not sure on price, I told him that this should be worth between $2000 to $3200, because or rarity and that the rifle is truly in mint condition. So of course he said put it up for 3200. If you are knowledgeable about these let me know, because I know a little about these, but not a lot. Contact me
[email protected]

If anybody can tell me how to easily upload pics I will gladly do so.
Also if you are in the Middle Tennessee area let me know and we can arrange a time/place for you to look at rifle.

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Old 04-15-2012, 08:05 AM
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email sent
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