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Big_Red 08-11-2019 07:25 AM

Parts Wanted Policy - Delete your ad once you find it
1. Friendly reminder of Marketplace rules to delete your WTB ad once youíve purchased/secured the item(s). This keeps the unfulfilled ads from being buried and allows members a better opportunity to assist those ads.

2. In responding to ads, just donít post to try Gunbroker, eBay, etc. if you have an actual item to reference from elsewhere, then post it.
Clearly, members are posting here because they are looking for the item(s) preferably from fellow forum members, which is the intent of this section.

3. Again, the requirement to have your name/state in your profile applies here. Thanks to an individual on the forum who threw a tantrum about being notified he was not in compliance of this policy, ads will be deleted if your profile does not have this information...this post, and same policy posted in the Marketplace rules IS your notification. Once updated, we will restore your ad(s).

Thank you.

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