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SgtMike 06-18-2022 04:36 PM

Next Up
Up for sale is an M1 Kit, all the necessary parts that are required for assembling a Garand. All that is needed is a Garand receiver.

Stock - New CMP Boyd's stock with upper and lower handguards and all metal

Lower Band - Type 5, IHC or HRA with Roll pin

Barrel - Springfield SA 6535448 11 64 Y63, No Gauges, See photos for bullet in barrel

Gas Cylinder - Springfield, Narrow sight base, Beveled Gas Cylinder Lock, Gas Cylinder Lock Screw - Repro, Rear Barrel Ring "7" on top

Trigger Housing - D28290-12-SA
Hammer - C46008-5 SA
Trigger Guard - Stamped - Mfr ?, Stamped Hook, Centered punch marks both pinions
Safety - SA_11
Trigger - "S" visible in forging, single hole, Type 2
Plunger - No wings

Operating Rod - D35382 9-SA, Piston - 0.525" Modified

Follower Rod Assy - Type 4, Stamped & Riveted, Short Fork

Bolt - D28287-19SA, A-8

Rear Sight - Springfield, T105E1, Elevation Knob marked SA, Windage Knob marked IHC DRC

Op Rod Catch - Type 2, Mfr ?
Clip Latch - Springfield, Type 2, No Markings
Follower Arm - Springfield Type 3, Forge Number "2S" visible on side
Follower & Slide Assy - Springfield Type 2, No Markings
Bullet Guide - Springfield Type 5, Stamped

Photos -

Asking $750.00 Shipped. Payment USPS Money Order or Personal Check - Held until cleared.

The first to post an I will take it, followed with a PM gets it.

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