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longgoldsilverandlead 06-07-2021 05:59 PM

Anyone seen a C Stock Modified Like This Before?

I'm wondering if this can be brought back by sanding that spot flat, gluing on a piece of walnut, and shaping it to match the factory stock.

jeffe 06-07-2021 06:24 PM

Unlikely on the walnut veneer approach.. You might be able to lightly sand(feather it in) the edge of that area somewhat. I would avoid removing much material, though.

John Beard 06-07-2021 06:57 PM

Answers are as follows:

(1) No.

(2) Yes. But finding a matching piece of walnut may be challenging.

Good Luck!


longgoldsilverandlead 06-07-2021 07:17 PM

We'll see. Seemed worth a shot for the money involved and a fun woodworking project to attempt. I've got a garage full of old walnut. If I take it on, I'll make a post when I'm done for the cheers or jeers, whichever it may be.

Tester19 06-10-2021 09:16 AM

Willing to bet that you can make it much better. Please post pics if it turns out well!

Time Bandit 06-10-2021 11:03 AM

a photo from the top showing how much meat is left would be helpful.

Time Bandit 06-10-2021 11:05 AM

If you are going to patch it a milling machine will make life a lot easier

longgoldsilverandlead 06-10-2021 11:11 AM

I'll share a few pictures when I get it. We'll see what the story is.

I don't have a milling machine. . .just a piece of glass with a piece of sandpaper glued to it. Depends how much material needs to be removed. Once I've flattened it, it's time to start the walnut search.

This might be a long project. I was only planning on one A4 clone and I've got a lovely scant stock already. This is only thing because I won an auction I wasn't expecting to win. It will be a while before the other parts are acquired. . .so this is a little lower priority.

Time Bandit 06-10-2021 12:25 PM

I own quite a few 03's and A3's. Most have the right side of the receiver area thinned to some degree. Some look like a final assembly quick fix as quite a bit of wood is removed. I found this pic of an unmolested looking scant stock that has received the treatment. A sanding block and some careful work and you may save yours.

glindes 06-10-2021 08:38 PM

'got repair pins?
Go for it!
M1903 S stock, drill rifle

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