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jameydan 05-06-2012 09:07 AM

Missoula, MT Rifle Clinic and Matches
If any of our fellow M1/1903/M14 rifle enthusiasts are interested in trying National Match type rifle competitions, we are hosting an XTC clinic and team match on May 26th. This clinic is being run by US Tactical Supply & Allen Spiker, who just retired as the NCOIC of the All National Guard Rifle Team. The clinic will be geared towards newer shooters and established competitors alike. They are going use a three-man team match format, where each team will have an instructor assisting them. Prior to the team match/clinic, there will be classroom (outside) instruction.

This clinic is in conjunction with our normal matches which include an XTC match on Sunday, May 27th and a Palma format (any rifle welcome) long range match on Memorial Day. So, if you are in the region, come on by and learn a few things and enjoy shooting at one of the best ranges in the Northern Rockies!

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 - All matches NRA approved.
Friday, May 25th: 2700agg NRA pistol match*
Saturday, May 26th: Off hand clinic combined with team match (Or: 2700agg NRA pistol match*)
Sunday, May 27th: XTC 80 shot match, plus 15 shot 800 yd match
Monday, May 28th: Palma format long range and F-Class matches 450 agg.
* NRA 2700 pistol match will have relays for you to shoot either Friday or Saturday.

New shooter's match fees are half price for the Memorial Day weekend matches.

The Deep Creek Range is the location of the event where the camping is terrific and free. Missoula is just a short drive from the range.

Clinic and match programs are available, and I can email them to you. Preregistration is a must. Contact me for more info.

Jamey Williams

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