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Us2 04-21-2021 01:02 PM

Thankful to be here
I am the new guy from TN/NC. I am retired and my wife is semi retired. We spend half our time in Middle Tennessee and half in Western North Carolina. I spent 4 years in 82nd Airborne Division and worked most of my career in Maintenance and Engineering at large Automotive and Aerospace facilities. I have participated in ROTC Rifle Team, Army Sniper School and Armorer School at Ft Bragg and was the HQ Company Armorer my final year of service.

I have more firearms than I have time to shoot. I have a Springfield 03A3 and M1 Carbine in my accumulation. Iím looking for a M1 Garand and possibly a 45 ACP which brings me here. I have a good bit to learn and am thankful to have found a knowledgeable group to improve my knowledge.

Leonardski 04-21-2021 01:37 PM

Welcome aboard! Sounds like you already have some technical, hands on knowledge. If you already have too many to shoot, then you might find yourself susceptible to Garanditis and other maladies from handling and shooting these wonderful and historic arms.

Good group of folks here, and a great source of knowledge.

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epm729 04-21-2021 02:39 PM

Welcome Us2, I see you are bringing a lot to the table. Looking forward to benefiting from your knowledge. Thank you for your Service to Our Country. Regards, Eddie

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