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bpm32 08-12-2018 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by DaveHH (Post 1741500)
For what its worth:

My F.Bob Chow hardball pistol that is 60+ years old and has had thousands of rounds through it, has a HS barrel with all of Chow's features. It is so tight that it is a chore to take apart. I think that the barrel is one of the least important parts in the accuracy puzzle. The bushing and tightness of the locking lugs seems to be the key.

With an emphasis on the tightness of the locking lugs. The fit of the barrel “feet” against the slide stop pin seems to trump all else. Although I have heard it said by a few Bullseye smiths that there used to be a lot of variation between accuracy of the older barrels. The newer ones by Kart are boringly accurate and there’s little reason to shoot them in a barrel tester anymore.

Ultimately, I think this “As-Issued” game is being overthought, though. It’s all at 25 yards, so guns will hold the 10-ring unless there’s something really wrong with them. If a pistol is so bad it won’t hold 4” at 25 yards, it’s basically broken or worn out.

Pittsspecial 09-02-2019 07:28 AM

Issued a .45
Very nice to read all of these articles. When I was a kid in the Army I recall learning to shoot the .45I thought I could throw the gun at the target and get better hits than I was getting. Wow I barely qualified.
Down the road, I was issued a .45 Remington Rand, everything changed for the better. It was amazingly accurate and I loved to shoot her. Fast forward a few light years, I recently purchased a nice Remington Rand here at auction still in the grease. I cant wait to shoot her. I hope she and I can shoot like we use to.

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