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arrow 10-29-2009 03:08 AM

Slide Question w/pic
Still learning about biners
Wondering what "Type" slides these are

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

plarkinjr 10-29-2009 12:43 PM

I think (based on TM9-1276 from 1953)

top: 7160091 ("preferred" and newer design than 557151)

bottom: 7161843 ("conserve for carbines M2 and M3)

coffindancer 10-29-2009 03:08 PM

Top picture could be a type V or VI (forward canted section of the camming area). Some type V slides were stamped on the bottom of the box with part # 7160091 but may have been machined later for the type VI disconnector cut. Type VI slides should have part # 7161843 stamped on the bottom of the box area. Bottom pic could be anything from a type I through IV. It would take an inspection of the rail and boxed end to be able to get the type exact (different machine cuts and dimensions).

BQ97 10-29-2009 04:49 PM

Not pictured is a type VI

dnikkor 10-29-2009 05:29 PM

Very helpful, BQ97's examples needs to be on a sticky. Thanks again for your continued help.

arrow 10-29-2009 08:08 PM

BQ97 Awesome response, +1 on the sticky
You and the other folks on this site are a wealth of information.
Thanks from one of the newbies


plarkinjr 10-30-2009 10:20 AM

Great stuff BQ97! I just clicked positive reputation for you, and 5 star rating for this thread.

I agree, this should be stickied.

RVN 69-70 11-01-2009 07:45 AM

Ditto: sticky this post......VERY informative

CadillacMike 02-27-2010 11:54 PM

OK, the Saginaw SG I recently bought has the stamping D7161843 making it equipped with a type VI slide. (It's an M1, not an M1A1, M2 or M3), These type VI slides work correctly in a regular M1, right? Reason I'm asking is i can't get the bolt to lock in the open position. I have it apart and think the spring might be stuck, or the spring and / or pin may be worn. The slot in the receiver looks fine. Since I'm going to the south store next week, I may bring it, and possibly buy a new spring and pin.
Confusing thing is, according to the Scott Duff Carbine book, it is an early manufacture slide but it's a type VI??? Of course Mr Duff didn't do me any favors by not indexing his book not dles he clearly state HOW to engage the slide lock (found that here on the forums - thanks gents!). Anyway, I'll re-assemble it and see how it works with the pin and spring cleaned out.

DaveHH 08-14-2010 10:50 AM

The type 5 and 6 both will work on an M1 carbine
The 6 has a cam on the outside that operates the full automatic feature on the M2. If the M2 parts are not there, it just works like any other slide. The slide stop pin is easy to remove, it just pushes out from the bottom leaving the spring behind inside. If there is a lot of grease or dirt inside the slide where these parts reside, it can limit the downward movement and thus the function of the part. The stop pin could also be worn at the bottom or the receiver recess could be worn to the point that these parts don't hold. Simply cleaning the parts and hole in the slide and reassembling the stop with any wear facing the rear of the carbine should fix this issue. The whole slide stop/receiver paring is a wonderfully simple and effective design. But one stupid GI who simply always just hits the back of the slide like you would do with the Garand, instead of pulling it slightly to the rear like it was designed, can put a lot of wear on those parts in a short time.

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