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Youngeyes 02-27-2021 06:32 PM

Does cmp1911 have a forwarding address
I checked the tracking and USPS says that the package was forwarded to a different address. I checked my receipt. It was addressed to Roberts drive. Is there supposed to be a forwarding address?

cmp1911admin 02-27-2021 08:34 PM

1800 Roberts Drive is CMP 1911's address, but with that said there are 5 other CMP address within a mile of CMP 1911, did they say what address it was forwarded to?

Youngeyes 02-27-2021 09:37 PM

They didn't say. They just said that it was being delivered to a different address due to forwarding instructions. I'll have to call on Monday to find out.

cmp1911admin 02-28-2021 10:01 AM

DO NOT SEND ANOTHER PACKET If more than one packet is found from same person they will all be rejected. Just chill out guys. During the first round only 4 packets out of thousands were lost by the USPS. If you have a concern PM me, DO NOT FOLLOW suggestions from anyone but CMP 1911 staff.

JS Esq. 03-05-2021 09:31 AM

Just wanted to say I think y'all at the CMP are doing a great job and really appreciate that you were able to open a second round at this time given everything going on in the world.

Happy Friday!

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