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RhinoDrvr 05-07-2021 09:36 PM

Who is shooting their 1911?
I recently picked up my Auction Colt 1911A1. I had planned on not shooting it; I have plenty of 1911ís, and the gun I picked up doesnít have a heat treated slide stop notch. I could easily buy a Tisas 1911A1 to get the experience of shooting a GI 1911.

That said; I want to shoot it now. Ha!

1. How many of you are shooting your CMP 1911ís?
2. Will the non-heat treated slide stop notch peen, or crack if shot?
3. Will value be affected by shooting the gun?

Whitpusmc 05-07-2021 09:40 PM

How do you know if your 1911 has a heat treated slide stop notch?

Given that this is a gun designed to be used, and was in two world wars, I feel mine can take a few hundred rounds a year recreational shooting. I’ve considered getting dies to reload for it but the reloading components availability right now dissuaded me.

G36shooter 05-07-2021 09:48 PM

Iíll be shooting 1945 RR.

WebSmithEddy 05-07-2021 10:10 PM

I've shot mine and will shoot it again. Field grade USS Frame/Colt slide. AA 1976 rearsenal.

DWeso 05-07-2021 11:07 PM

I’ve been to the range twice since receiving my October 1944 Colt in January. Shooting 50-70 rounds each time. 230 grain FMJ. Either WWII steel cased or Blazer Aluminum cased. I’d shoot the pistol more if I had more ammo!
Life’s too short! Shoot and enjoy it!

slyhuntr 05-07-2021 11:31 PM

I haven't made it to the range yet but I do plan to shoot mine. I even have thoughts of carrying it for SDA purposes, I have a M7 holster that I may start using when we are trail riding in our SXS.

thielenjp 05-07-2021 11:43 PM

Don't have my CMP 1911 yet, but do plan on taking it to the range. Even bought some '66 wcc ammo.

Shoot it, it'll take it.

3IDGarand 05-08-2021 06:21 AM

Shoot it. The 1911 was made to be shot.

cranehunter 05-08-2021 07:49 AM

Contrary to popular belief, these are not fragile museum pieces. Just shoo em.

Teampb 05-08-2021 08:57 AM

My 1944 Field Grade Remington Rand frame and Colt slide have been to the range about a dozen times since it arrived about a year ago. It is due to go again this week. It is easily the equal of my other Colt Government Models. Shooting it has taught me about its quirks, allowed me to troubleshoot it and really allowed me to appreciate it. I am a shooter. Thanks CMP 1911!

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