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Holmes529 06-24-2022 06:20 PM

Taking A Trip
Have some questions about heading to the TMP since itís been a couple years.

1. Since Iíve purchased there before, do they have me on file? Or will I have to show them an updated GCA membership card?

2. My buddy is making the trip with me to purchase a Garand for the first time. Since it will take several days to get his membership card in, will the confirmation email be enough to allow him to purchase?

3. Is a notary always present at the store, or only on certain days?

4. Do you pre-fill out the paperwork? I canít remember what I did last time.

5. Is the store always open, aside from Monday-Tuesday? I know at the South Store they were only open Thursday-Saturday.

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ZvenoMan 06-25-2022 12:32 PM

1. Yes, you are on file. Your membership (in the affiliated club) must be current so be prepared to show proof. Notary is only good for 3 years, void if you have moved.
2. Depends on definition of "confirmation". An email or printed receipt should work for most affiliated clubs.
3. Contact the TMP for this info.
4. If your paperwork is filled out before you go, that means you have been through all the steps and won't miss anything. So it's a good idea but not required.
5. The TMP website lists current hours.

Check the hours online. Read the current order form documents and requirements and make sure each item is either completed or you have the documents with you. There is no reason you can't bring an already-notarized form with you if there is any question (more than 3 years since the last one, or you have moved, or can't remember). If a notary is working they will of course do that for you but I don't know if one is always present at the TMP.

Remember, the CMP employees seek to be enablers, not gatekeepers. so if you do your part they will try to take your money and get rid of some obsolete firearms to fulfil their stated mission.

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