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SEANinMICH 05-22-2022 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by msmith5150 (Post 2140881)
I would bet the farm they took them out of the crates, measured and quick inspection, stuck them in a case, and shipped. These were advertised as "likely pretty crappy rifles, but still a piece of history" (my translation of their description).

If they pulled any that would absolutely not function in the state as removed from the crate, my guess is those got any redeemable parts removed and the rest scrapped.

disagree. all of mine were freshly greased and built up with mostly reparkerized parts. there was even fresh red grease under all the sight bases. they were just built


Originally Posted by Det. Jason 714 (Post 2140879)
Sean are these your MIA rackers? If so glad you got them.

YES! it was ridiculous what we had to do to get fedex to resolve that mess.

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