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cmp1911admin 07-03-2022 04:28 PM


We have several staff memebrs processing packets, some are just faster tan others. If you see we are 500+ past your RGN, shoot us an email.

lavida 07-17-2022 10:28 PM

Hi Folks
Seems the reported numbers have slowed way down. Im so close and getting worked up.
31706 and holding my breath.

kidicarus13 07-19-2022 12:34 AM

#32200 called on July 18th. All three grades available.

AK1911 07-19-2022 01:12 PM

#32,214 emailed, not called, today. Only Service & Rack offered.

If your number is coming up, be sure to check emails & spam folder everyday. They may not call your phone like in my case.

Traffic t 07-22-2022 06:13 PM

32349 son in law called on 7-21 he chose service grade

Daudeteau 07-25-2022 06:02 AM

32447 here... hoping for a call today or tomorrow?

Int31cm 07-25-2022 06:09 AM

32321 here … also hoping for a call this week.

MajWatz 07-25-2022 11:46 AM

32376 here and waiting.

Int31cm 07-25-2022 11:56 AM

RGN #32321 just got the call. Offered rack only. I have to redo paperwork since I moved.

Paladin 07-25-2022 12:00 PM

32,690 here…getting closer

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