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wildcat83 01-27-2012 11:25 AM

Did anybody else give up trying the internet (or at least work it in parallel) and use the phone? I had both going--internet did nothing each time I clicked on "Add to cart"...until about 45 minutes later I realized that it was incrementing the counter of items in my cart at the top right of the page each time, that was the only indication it had even noticed.

I started out on the phone system as #16 in line, got a great countdown each time they finished with someone else...right until I was #1 (next), when I all of a sudden started getting Kenny Rogers greatest hits instead of Muzak, the countdown stopped, and I was stuck in a holding pattern for the next 30 minutes.

Luckily during this time (about 0915 CST) my e-order went through so I hung up. Forgot to add an M7 bayonet, replied to my order confirmation asking that it be added, and got an affirmative reply within minutes. All in all, I know how us guys are that follow CMP sales (I bolted off the couch with my coffee after getting the email announcement of the sale at 0715 CST!), so it was quite likely a charlie foxtrot around the CMP offices Wednesday.

Still, was pretty exciting knowing hundreds of us were all trying to get a deal at the same time!

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