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Jar Head Joe 08-11-2022 04:18 PM

New rack grade member - question on break down and cleaning
Hello forum. I just received my rack grade 1911A1 and the first thing I did was read the enclosed manual and broke it down step by step for a good cleaning with CLP, and to inspect all the parts. I was in the Marines and familiar with breaking down and cleaning the M16A2, along with a handful of other privately owned pistols and rifles. While it was fun breaking it down, I've never broke a pistol down this far for cleaning, and I can't foresee doing this every time I shoot it (e.g., the trigger assembly, the mainspring housing and lanyard, the sear assembly, etc.). Does anyone have a USMC guide to field stripping and cleaning? We have a different way of doing things than the Army.

epm729 08-12-2022 06:45 PM

Thank you for your service Marine. Most of us only disassemble our 1911s to basic field strip. Slide, barrel, recoil spring and frame. Full disassembly only after many rounds or once a year. Eddie

Jar Head Joe 08-13-2022 06:47 PM

Thanks Eddie. I finally got to shoot her today. I found my Marine handbook that has a chapter on the M9 which basically breaks it down like you said; slide, reveiver, barrel, spring, and guide rod. This is consistent with my other pistols as well. 10-04-2022 07:41 PM

Well you're almost two months in now with your 1911, hope you're still enjoying it. I got my Service Grade from Round 2 back in March. It's my first one and I definitely love it, it goes well with the Garands I have.

Anyway, to offer up some disassembly and cleaning help, I found the Brownell's videos to be a good starting point.

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