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USMC 0331 12-10-2015 02:39 AM

7.62x51 Mann Accuracy Device
Gunbroker purchase a few months ago and got a few good pics of it.

bruce 12-10-2015 08:10 AM

Very nice looking MAD!

VMFn542bob 12-30-2015 05:42 PM

Nice find. Barrel and receiver made in New York State.
In 1995, Remington organized a shooting club in Ilion.

glindes 12-31-2015 08:05 PM

Mann Accuracy Devices
I have two CMP Mann Devices:
Remington 03-A3 Serial 3.96M, with a WALKER barrel in 7.62MM.
Smith-Corona 03-A3 Serial 4.76M, with DOUGLAS barrel in Cal. 30.

I'm tickled to see some activity here; I've been pondering the Mann guns as to some sort of "shooting fixture(s)" or, bench rifle without dismantling or permanently altering it. 'Dreaming again...

Safe and Happy New Year to all!

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