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astroturf3040 04-05-2021 02:30 PM

Does CMP sponsor an EIC revolver match?
I See mentions on the web , but cannot confirm. Thanks.

CDRT 04-05-2021 03:20 PM

The CMP does not have a stand-alone EIC Revolver match. They did include a couple revolvers in the firearms that are legal for the Service Pistol EIC match. You can check the current rule book for particulars.

mtlucas0311 04-06-2021 08:36 PM

Distinguished revolver is an NRA event. Iíve been hoping that the NRA/CMP split would result in the CMP creating a distinguished revolver program (and a combat pistol badge for that matter. The NRAís combat pistol badge is only open to law enforcement).

bpm32 04-06-2021 10:24 PM

CMP does actually have a new Revolver Match scheduled for the National Matches. Itís on July 15th.

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