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J.W.A. 12-15-2009 05:37 PM

The current Remington manufactured handstop is for the newer style (40XB) and fits the rail, it is just not the same shape/configuration of the original. The early handstop (40X) which is for the short slot rail is not available and is the one we are duplicating.

Now, CMP calls ALL the rifles listed "40X" and although the USMC versions are 40X with the early style stop, some of the heavy barrel versions are actually 40XB's with the full length rail so there is a mixture of 40X and 40XB coming to us. Unless you ordered the USMC version you will not know what handstop you need (early style or late style) until your rifle actually shows up at your door. You can't even really rely on the serial number (which will have a suffix of X or XB) because the stocks may have been switched over their lifetime.

When I get back home next week I will post pics of the different rails, handstop variations and usage so that it is a little more clear for everyone.


ernie 12-15-2009 06:38 PM

J.W.A. I have my rifle in my hands and have questions as to which one I need...
I got a heavy barrel 40X from the North Store. Beautiful rifle, I am very pleased with it.

However it appears to be a commercial model as it does not have the US marking on it anywhere. My .22 martial rifles book says the Army ordered both US marked and commercial rifles so I suspect mine is commercial. Stock is varnished and looks commercial, blue is very deep.

Mine is serial 365xxB. It has a long rail on the underside of the stock with a cut out opening in the front.

I have found from an east coast gun ship a small 40X handstop that looks like your picture with the flower petal design on it. I was thinking that is what I needed. Is that correct or do I need the larger one? I am really confused!!

THanks for your help.

J.W.A. 12-15-2009 09:46 PM

Ernie, congrats on your rifle. You have the 40XB and the small aluminum handstop is not the one you need. You need the oblong bakelite handstop to fit the long rail on your rifle. Those are the ones that Remington has a substitute for. I am trying to source an alternative for those but I want to get the 40X version done with M1DodgeGuy first. If you look at my picture with the green backgound earlier in this thread (post #16) you will see the black bakelite handstops that are correct for your rifle. The smaller handstop won't work because it has a different rail attachment.


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