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wolfrage 04-04-2012 07:59 PM

New MyGunDB version announcements
v1.97 released!
* Maint tab can use decimals in price
* Additional GunBroker backend integration added -- not available till next release or so
* Add-on framework implemented to help make future addons easy to integrate. Wait till you see what's coming ;)
* Fixed window size of Macs so it restores properly to the previous size when starting program.
* Button added to Settings to enter registration information as per user feedback
* Basic framework for integrating with ammo search engines implemented on backend; Not available yet but testing background process
* Registration system changed internally to work with an automatic key generator I'm working on.
* Symbol on General tab's ammo display corrected to show for Reloaded ammo and not factory
* Altered minimum window size to better fit certain desktops
* Delete button on Maint tab no longer returns error if an entry is not selected first.
* "Encrpyt Database" button renamed to "Set Database Password", since the DB is always encrypted
* Pre-Ban checkbox added on Stats tab
* Capacity field added to accessories
* Magazine checkbox added to accessories
* Users can optionally select to send me anonymous debug analytics about the program
* A header now displays Totals like the printout does on the Finance Report preview
* Fixed issue with search dropdowns not closing if you delete the selected text
* Insured value displays properly when no value set
* Serial now displays properly as a field when importing .csv files

wolfrage 07-29-2012 07:57 PM

New release out for both the MyGunDB Desktop version and the MyGunDB Go Android app!

Changes for the Desktop app:

* A&D and BATF Changelog sort corrected
* Fixed Inventory report to use ID #
* Added a checkbox on Edit screen to designate a firearm as personally owned.
* Added Filter options to display only Personal or Non-Personal firearms.
* Fixed Stats display in Statusbar and Stats tab Includes accessories in the values, not just firearms.
* Fixed Ammo Additional Data lines not being printed for other entries when first row didn't have any
* Added Total Rounds in inventory count on Ammo tab which displays All rounds, or only matching caliber if that display option is selected on Ammo tab
* Fixed Sync menu options to display when using OSX
* Pictures now included with syncing and the Backup/Restore menu options

And for MyGunDB Go:
* Fixed image count and current image number after adding new image.
* Model and Type display properly swapped in edit and Spinner display
* States are now listed in a Dropdown
* Password request screen now pops up if you have one set and your screen shuts off or you come back from another app
* Added ability to use Camera to add pic
* dates on the Purchase/Sold tab now use a date selector
* Adding new firearm puts you in Edit mode for it automatically
* Re-added export to .csv file
* Prevent changing tabs when editing data
* Fixed handling apostrophes in data when saving
* Added icons for buttons
* Pictures now included with Syncing!
* Accessories can be attached or detached

wolfrage 02-12-2013 10:57 AM

New MyGunDB Version (v1.99.5) released!
v1.99.5 Released!

* Fix for when data was stored in directory with a quote in its name
* If your screen resolution changes from last run, program should resize so as to not extend past the screen when the program is run
* Changed language on Deals tab
* Registration key can be re-entered through Settings page so Basic users can upgrade
* Various tweaks
* Subtract Ammo button width corrected

As always, you can install the latest version through the website or automatically from inside the program itself.

Also, please send me your suggestions! The program is getting a huge revamping and I'm still working out the ToDO list -- your feedback will help!

wolfrage 03-31-2013 09:21 AM

MyGunDB v1.99.7 Released!
A new version, 1.99.7 is out with a number of tweaks and new features:

* Added Documentation tab - Lets you use Notes, Misc and History text fields and add any files you want linked to a firearm (reciepts, manuals, whatever)
* Serial field highlighted properly
* Clicking accessory on General tab opens Accessory tab properly
* The Person field in Searches now also searches Owner and not just the Bought From and Sold To names
* Removed rotating ad from Deals tab
* Right clicking the Subtract ammo button on Ammo tab now will ADD ammo instead (and not modify round count for firearm)
* You can now set to have the Identifier filed sorted Alphabetically (default) or Numerically, depending on how you wish to use it.
* You can now set a different currency symbol other than $
* Can select to use a ; instead of a , to separate multiple calibers for a firearm
* You can now sort by Serial
* Accessories now have a Location box to list where it's stored
* You can now select to view only Personal firearms, Business firearms or both when doing reports.
* Can now skip first line when importing .csv file, in case it's a Header line
* You can now export a .csv file of your Ammo inventory
* Accessory images copy over correctly when syncing from Mobile
* You can now filter to show only firearms with a past due maintenance date
* Fixed bug where free users could import more than 10 firearms in Free version
* Maintenance tab grid now sorts by Date properly
* Setting a date using Date Fields no longer deselects current firearm

wolfrage 04-25-2013 08:32 PM

MyGunDB v1.99.8 Released - IDPA tracking, reloading components and more!
Changes in v1.99.8:

* Added tab for reloading components - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Added Rangelog tab - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Various tweaks
* Copied Change FFL Image buttons to Transfer tabs as well
* Added IDPA score tracking - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Made selected row in data grids Green to be easier to to see
* Shipping field now in Bought From section
* Added ability to print Description field as Notes on Inventory report

wolfrage 06-05-2013 09:31 AM

MyGunDB v1.99.9 Released - Now with Dropbox syncing!
MyGunDB v1.99.9 released! Now with Dropbox syncing to Mobile devices!

* You can now sync between desktop and mobile using Dropbox without having to move files around
* Changes to registration key backend
* Dropbox integration fixed
* Logging checkbox added to Settings page
* Added UPC field for Factory ammo, firearms and reloading components to let you populate
fields when adding item if an item already exists with that UPC
* Holsters can now be linked to multiple firearms
* Backups and Restores of Database can now be done through Dropbox
* Tweaked startup

Thanks for helping to make MyGunDB the #1 firearm inventory software for collectors!

wolfrage 03-31-2014 06:56 PM

MyGunDB v1.99.10 released! Now With GunBroker and BlueBook of Guns!
New version 1.99.10 released!

* integration
* integration
* Various tweaks
* Now with 80% more Tiger strength
* This is an interim version while I work on a bug for syncing with mobile devices.

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