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7,62x51mm 06-05-2021 11:04 AM

M14 NM stock
About twenty years ago I bought six M14 NM stocks from a dealer who had purchased a large amount of these stocks from Rock island Arsenal. Over the years I either sold them or traded them off but found one that I saved.

I am attempting to determine the value of this M14 NM stock, it looks new and has been routed for the bedding compound but not bedded. the front swivel support has been welded. the stock has a circle P proof and a S inside a diamond inside the butt trap.

1563621 06-05-2021 02:52 PM

I would ask on M14 forum. Need pics

7,62x51mm 06-05-2021 04:01 PM

Can not post photos on this forum but did post photos on under the M14/M1 forum

Do not belong to the M14 forum

7,62x51mm 06-06-2021 10:08 AM

thanks everyone for the messages

now able to determine the value of this NM M14 stock

Random Guy 06-07-2021 08:40 AM

NM M14 stock
I would like to see pics of the front ferrule if possible. I may build another M1A in a bedded stock so curious what your stock looks like. Sending PM.
I agree with the observations on the other forum, it was a gently used standard stock (w/ "P") that was removed and subsequently milled for the bedding compound, probably at RIA in post-1967 era.

"To me, it looks like I see the shadow of a receiver heel and a trigger housing having been in that stock.

Any chance that stock was very lightly used and was being converted to NM configuration and never finished/never bedded?

It looks like the front swivel was welded while installed on the stock and the slots milled for the bedding compound were milled after the stock was oiled. I'd have thought that would have been done before the stock was finished, not after ( like the late heavy NM stocks).
...the welding on the front sling swivel charred the wood a little, so it was done with that swivel part installed. Since that was not allowed on the original 1963-67 NM M14s, my guess is the stock was being prepared for a "team build" in the post-1968 era, but was not completed for whatever reason. Neat stock that deserves a good home. Here's my original early "skinny" SA NM stock that I restored years ago. Curious if the front ferrule is unmodified like this one (This is my 1963 NM M4 stock with SA serial number):

M1Garandy 06-07-2021 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by Random Guy (Post 2051860)
...the welding on the front sling swivel charred the wood a little, so it was done with that swivel part installed.

It also looked to me like the rivet head got welded or at least melted a bit as well.

7,62x51mm 06-09-2021 07:38 AM

Besides given advice as to the value of my RIA NM converted M14 stock, looking on the internet for G.I. M14 NM stocks that would be for sale,
nothing found ? Did I miss something

navyrifleman 06-17-2021 07:51 AM

Fajen Gunstock Company made match stocks for the M1A/M14 until they went out of business around 1998. Some of those stocks can still be found on line and in various auction sites.

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