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kraigwy 08-17-2015 01:42 PM

Sanctioned CMP GSM Clinic/Match NE Wyoming
We're having a sanctioned CMP Clinic/Match in Newcastle WY, 9 AM Aug. 22.

Will be shooting the course A on 100 yard reduced targets.

Bring as many guns as you want because I'll run as many relays as people want to shoot.

There is no charge for the Clinic or Match. I also have loaner rifles for those who wish to shoot but don't have their own.

Depending on what rifles show up, we'll have Categories for Garand, Springfield, Military, Carbine and Modern Military.

If you have something that doesn't meet CMP rules (if safe and legal) we'll let you shoot anyway, just your scores wont be added to the bulletin I send to the CMP.

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