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pbshooter1217 04-18-2021 09:12 PM

I bought a couple of magazines at a gun show today. They were wrapped in a brown paper with a pinkish inside layer. They were marked SS, and the outside was covered in a light coat of what I believe is cosmoline. They look new aside from being sticky to the touch.

How did magazines ship from the manufacturer and how were they put into storage?

The paper mine are wrapped in is not wax paper and doesn't look like any wrapping I can find on google images. For $25 each, I don't think I did too bad considering the current environment.

2908 04-19-2021 09:58 AM

You did very well at $25 each.

kfields 04-20-2021 05:47 PM

Can't remember what I bought in this old junk shop but I spied this cardboard box label and the guy gave it to me. I thought it was pretty cool!

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