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Default_Username 01-15-2021 12:40 PM

Given the option, what grade would you select?
Hi all,

Sent in my R2 paperwork, so the long wait begins.

Just was curious what you would select, if given the option of any of the three grades? Is Field always the way to go if money isn't an issue?

Edit: Pictures of the FG I received.

Barrel is "F" marked
W.B inspector mark
I believe Colt VP stamped.
6 digit on the frame

CBIthaca 01-15-2021 12:53 PM

Depends what YOU want. If you want one probably reparked and looking like it’s sort of new, then get the top grade. If you want the “been there” look then get one of the others.

Lots pf pics posted here on the CMP Forum to give you a better idea of what each grade may generally get you.

1stgarand 01-15-2021 01:07 PM

Service Grade. I got a Field Grade, it's a nice one, but wish I had gone for the service grade. $100 more. Some seem to get what they ask for when contacted, some don't. I didn't, but, that's the "luck of the draw". I am still glad I got one!

Deppizzymo 01-15-2021 01:15 PM

I am always excited for another chance to show off the rack grade I got. I'm not saying rack grade isn't a gamble but I'm definitely glad I gambled. 1944 Ithaca completely rust free with original finish (not much left) and although it has an AA rebuild stamp it still seems to retain its factory original parts (except grips). Nothing was out of order with the pistol. Shoots and functions great. I think it has seen a lot of things and I wish it could talk.

Default_Username 01-15-2021 01:48 PM

Very nice! I love it.

sigman2 01-15-2021 02:43 PM

If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly! Go all the way for a service grade. My wife and I are well please with our service grades.

BSAGuy 01-15-2021 03:42 PM


TSimonetti 01-15-2021 04:26 PM

There is no wrong answer. I know guys who were disappointed or underwhelmed by their service grades. I am really happy with my Field Grade and so are others here.

Sure if you want to play the odds choose Service. CMP 1911 Customer Service told me that the difference usually comes down to finish wear. U are gonna be happy with field or service. Some like rack to save $200 and they are willing to take a chance on worn finish or other issues and quite a few get lucky as well with what they get.

Nodakdad 01-15-2021 04:44 PM

Service grade, if it will be the only one I'll get a chance to buy I'm going as high a grade as offered.

USMA-1982 01-15-2021 05:31 PM

Field or maybe even rack? I'd like one that hasn't been reparked. Hoping for an original/worn finish matching frame and slide. Singer of course:D

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