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Chesapeake 02-11-2013 06:59 PM

Yeah, I think I have read every thread on here and every one that was given for the old forum about the Manns. Probably several times each. We aren't doing anything to the barrel either. The only reason I am not taking the collar off or turning it down is because I am worried about it messing up the accuracy of the rifle. It is what it is. We will figure something out. It is meant to be fun. We are are going to scope it, but we aren't going all out on an expensive scope. Luckily I have a great family friend that is a dealer and I can get scopes at whole sale prices. I can't wait to get this project really rolling. Have you shot yours at all?

I am sorry to hear about your father. I can't imagine what that would be like.

wesvb 02-11-2013 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by BubbaTheKid (Post 770567)
Apparently, before my time with CMP, there was an old server with tons of info from alot of builds guys did in the past. The one bit of info you can find here that was brought forward involves a guy removing the steps, cutting a receiver cone, adding a muzzle break, tapping the receiver etc, etc. Seems really cool, apparently shoots very well too, but it also allegedly took away accuracy as the barrel was shortened to something shorter than Dr. Mann discovered and the steps in the barrel are there to deal with harmonics.

That would be my rifle. I didn't do the work mentioned above. I bought it from wmorrison as an 80% finished project. It has moments of brilliance and moments of really ugly. The worst thing that Morrison's gunsmith did was park the barrel without plugging it. The bore got parked!!!
The 2nd worst thing done was to cut a feed cone which forced the barrel to be shortened by almost an inch.
The 3rd bad deal was the flash hider. The loads that shoot well with the flash hider installed shoot like hammered dog poo when you take it off.
Works exactly the same the other direction.
Looks really cool though.

BubbaTheKid 02-12-2013 09:36 AM

^^^ That's the rifle I was thinking of. Very much admire it. ^^^

I have yet to shoot My Mann Rifle. It is as it was received currently. I have now a scope, and some stocks to work with etc.

In a scenario where the sleeve would be retained I have also considered evolving Bob's design forward. What I mean is, consider the design of a Short Magazne lee Enfield #1 Mark III, the way the butt stock goes into the receiver at one end, and the fore stock at the other, I thought perhaps a clamp scenario around the collar like Bob's but less diesel, maybe in brass or aluminum, with inletting at the fore & aft areas would allow a butt stock to enter it and bolt up to the receiver, out of the front of the clamp some sort of threaded rod situation could happen, or two which the fore stock would slide onto, with inletting so the front stock entered a relieved area of the clamp. The barrel would free float as designed without undue pressure on the receiver.

Thank you for your condolences.

kraigwy 02-14-2013 11:33 AM

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact you can't use a conventional stock with a Mann. On my Remington 5.56 Mann, there just wasn't enough meat so I whacked it off just in front of the receiver. I don't care that it looks odd, the sucker shoots, not doubt about it.

Chesapeake 02-15-2013 09:38 AM

I am looking into a couple of options for the stock. Like I said, this is just for fun with dad. I am thinking about buying a walnut blank and then having it turned for the rifle. It is a little more pricey than buying a stock and trying to make it work, but not by much. I will have them do as much as possible and then I will do the final fitting and inletting.

Chesapeake 08-09-2016 06:05 PM

It only took three years to finish the stock, but here it is. It has been aluminum bedded. All that is left is to buy a scope and sight it in.

Blacksmith 09-25-2016 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Chesapeake (Post 1503184)
It only took three years to finish the stock, but here it is. It has been aluminum bedded. All that is left is to buy a scope and sight it in.

Nice looking stock. Looking forward to your testing after you get the scope mounted.

Chesapeake 09-26-2016 08:42 AM

Thank you. I am trying to sell an 03 to fund the scope and also trying to figure out which scope to go with. For no more than it will be shot, probably going to go with a Vortex

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