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Fireman Ron 06-19-2021 05:43 PM

stock fit.
I have an M14 walnut stock I want to drop my SA inc M1a into but it seems way to tight when attempting trigger guard lock up. There is a little bedding material where the angled flats at the front of the trigger group clamp down. Is this the only area that may be causing my problem? Rifle fits in the stock ok far as I can tell.

nf1e 06-19-2021 05:58 PM

Try the stock liner on the action with out the stock. This seems to be a sticking point with many repro receivers.

Fireman Ron 06-20-2021 09:01 AM

thanks. I will pull it and try that.

flashnthepan 06-21-2021 06:46 AM

What do you consider "too tight"? Can you force the trigger guard to close?

nf1e 06-21-2021 07:35 AM

Receiver legs should fit snugly into the stock liner and bottom out on the receiver. I like to turn the action upside down and set the liner over it. Many times I will have to file the liner front to get it to set down over the receiver legs.

Fireman Ron 06-23-2021 05:31 PM

Pulled the liner from the stock. placing just the liner on the receiver The trigger group closes and locks easy. With liner in M14 stock the tip of the trigger guard comes short of the tip of the trigger by over a quarter inch. gets very tight at that point.

Fireman Ron 06-24-2021 09:23 PM

Did some filing on the area where the front of the trigger guard locks in. there was some bedding material there. After slow going and frequent checking she now fits pretty well.

nf1e 06-25-2021 04:39 AM

Sounds like you nailed it. When I bed the trigger pad area, I like to have the trigger guard close to about where yours did before filing and then a good rap with the heel of the hand to drive it to locked position.
Problem with wood stocks is that this lockup increases or decreases with humitidy and stock swelling and shrinking.

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