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SamF 10-30-2009 04:24 AM

Utah owners
I can't be the only person who owns an M1 and calls Utah home. Where are the rest of you?

Lothar 11-08-2009 06:36 PM

Hey, I've called Utah home my whole life but have only recently acquired my first M1. It's a CMP SA special grade and shoots great. I'll have to post a pic later. I want to eventually take it to some local competitions.

titanNV 11-14-2009 01:11 AM

I am NOT in UT, but close to St George.

M1Ute 12-17-2009 07:22 PM

I call Utah home.

hunter66 12-30-2009 01:06 AM

I live in Vernal and caught the M1 bug while serving in the Army on loan to the Singapore Armored Force. Amazing how these rifles move around the world.
SG HRA and lots of bullets from CMP

baconfederate 01-11-2010 10:55 PM

i live in orem and have been unable to shoot my new garand. eye surgery that won't take recoil well. oh well, spring is coming.

sqlbullet 01-27-2010 09:48 PM

I live in Utah, Salt Lake Valley. Liquidated my AR-15 about a week ago and getting my paperwork together. Ordering two service grade SA's, cause I ain't going to share when I go to the range with my Dad:-)

I will post some pics when they arrive.

RichWyo 02-16-2010 01:24 PM

[Hunter66 I live in Green River Wyo not far from you. If you should get the chance I put a John Garand match (50 rounds) on at the Lander Valley range in Lander Wyo June 26 of this year. Love to have any and all garand or Springfield '03 shooters attend. RichWyo

duggaboy 02-24-2010 08:45 PM

I am hiding in plain site in Utah
Hi there: Living in Beaver is like stepping back in time. the place is great and the people are super. the shooting country here is everywhere and anywhere you can within reason and there are many M1 shooters around these parts. try to come by when the weather is better and shoot awhile, jay henselen, 438-5493:p:):)

cwcases 03-17-2010 08:18 PM

South Weber resident... Just ordered my first M1 Garand, Springfield Special. I understand that It takes about 60 days so must be patient. This time will allow me to secure a good Bayonet and build lots of reloads.

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