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broomhandle 09-26-2021 08:51 AM

Hi Zevnoman,

Sorry it did not work for you! I'm hoping the Havlin's will be active for a few more years ! Good People a pleasure to talk to, I met them at a few SHOT shows!

I wonder if someone has ever tried to make a trigger guard using a laser printer? I have seen some nice stuff done that way. I have no idea of how it works or the cost of a machine to do it!

Take care,

ZvenoMan 09-26-2021 04:11 PM

Broom, I think you mean 3D printer.
Of course it will work; the material used by the printer will make all the difference.
A low end machine may be had in the $150 and up range. Supplies are a significant cost, of course.
These are not like plugging in headphones, there is a learning curve to printing form a file.
And if you don't have a file (I doubt there is a "Mossberg M44 Triggerguard file available) then you must design the part, another, completely separate learning curve.

So, if you need one, buy it from Mr. Havelin. If you are already into 3D printing this could be an entertaining project. But you would need to sell a bunch to simply pay for the time designing, test printing, redoing, and finally making them.
Like taking a drill rifle and restoring it to a shooter, you don't do it for the profit (-$200 plus or minus), but the journey.
Here's an interesting read about a guy making a mag for a rimfire.
Clearly more complex than a Mossberg triggerguard but it shows the process, and he already had the printer, the CAD software, and the skill.
It's a few years old; he used a filament printer. Today resin printers are gaining traction, and allow for more choices in material to address structural needs. But, while some manufacturing entities have printers that use various metals (I'm sure those machines are 6-figures) they aren't common.
It won't be long where you can 3D scan an item and enter how many copies you want. A bit longer before it's available at an effective price to the masses.

I didn't expect much from trying to fix mine. The material used to make them seems to have suffered mostly form time. If I recall many of the "new" M44s CMP sold had broken triggerguards. There are millions of types of plastics, some just deteriorate over time.

broomhandle 09-26-2021 10:00 PM

Hi ZvenoMan,

Your correct, I meant a 3D printer! I'm not a computer or technology person as you can tell!:o I'm happy with the talents I have.

A local fellow made me a holder for my Colt 1911,that has a raised surface that fits the Mag well! & a place for eight bullets. Which just happens to balance the pistol well on the stand! :)
He is not a computer guy, so he must have a file to make it up. He mentioned the unit was a entry level machine. It's done very well!
I'm still having issues with basic computers & Cell phones that are much smarter then I am! I don't think I'll be buying one soon.
Pulled out my Mossberg M 44, the trigger guard is still in good shape!

I enjoy all your posts,

ZvenoMan 09-29-2021 10:46 AM

Thanks Mr. Broomhandle!
These old Mossbergs are a lot of fun for the money.

broomhandle 09-29-2021 11:01 PM

Hi ZvenoMan,

One day I have to take the M44 out with the H&R M-12 on a head to head competition. The H&R has a better trigger by a mile, but that Mossburg held it's own against them years ago! :)

Take care out there,

chief jeff 10-09-2021 06:20 PM

Grandson and I shot m-44 today. Having issue with ejecting all but last round in mag. Saftey I think is not working properly. put on safe pull tigger, when move off safe fires. Sighted in fine. Was using SK standard plus ammo years old. think I need to complete disassemble and detail clean, hopefully find issues. Trigger guard is very shrunken. May just have to call Havlins on Monday or Tuesday.

broomhandle 10-10-2021 09:54 AM

Hello Chief Jeff,

Lots of good info here te M-44 and at Rimfire central too Mossburg section of board
I hope it get it up & working so your grandson can use it with his grandson!:)

Enjoy everyday,

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