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BigRed 01-26-2011 06:55 PM

10 M1 15 rd carbine mags from SOG with pics
I took a chance on the SOG carbine magazines and ordered 10. 10 15 round magazines for $82 delivered. All are USGI. 1 has 3 or 4 rust spots. 1 has a yellow sticker. i has a white sticker. The rest are used, but seem serviceable.

Markings are: IA, AI (x3), U (x3), R-O, I.I., KSG


Wahoo 01-27-2011 09:54 AM

Here are my 5 . . .
5 for just under $49 shipped from SOG. Nothing to write home about, but all appear to be serviceable and should clean up okay. I won't mind getting these scuffed, meaning I can put away a few of my better examples for a rainy day. I was hoping for some variety, and I guess if by variety you mean several different examples of how Autorye marked their magazines for Inland, I guess I succeeded (sorry for the bad cell phone photos). Too bad I don't own an Inland carbine.

brockj 01-27-2011 10:19 AM

Darnit! I wanted to get in on 5 or 10, but when I couldn't find them on the website, I figured I would have to buy a carbine to order at that price, now I see them listed but sold out.... snooze you loose... probably should have just called....

samandglove1 02-01-2011 04:07 PM

I picked up 10 last week and just ordered 15 more @ $6.95 each. It says "out of stock" on the website, but when you call them on the phone they say that they have plenty. All 10 of mine that came yesterday are USGI and in good to very good condition. I am going to pack away my new/pristine mags and bang away with these for the time being. I can't wait to see what the next bunch look like.

Dstout 02-01-2011 04:23 PM

I went out and shot my slapped together Inland B/R yesterday, my SOG Carbine magazines did not cause a single problem.

drwitte 02-01-2011 04:41 PM

SOG Mags
Yes indeed, they do still have some. I just called and placed an order for 10 more M1 Carbine mags for only $6.95 a piece. Get them while you can!! SOG said they are flying off of the shelf.

ontheroad 02-02-2011 12:12 AM

Got 10, one was beat but serviceable, one looked unused, the remaining 8 I would say varied between 75-80%. A couple light dings, tiny rust spots and finish wear. A few had bent floorplates which were easy enough to straighten out. Couldn't touch the new mags I got way back from CMP but definitely a steal from SOG - and I wouldn't be afraid to drop one in the dirt at the range.

"U" x5, AI, IA, SS, (SP) and SY-B.

Torquemada 02-02-2011 11:10 AM

I just called and placed an order for 5 of them, and am hoping to get some good "beaters" to use regularly at the range.

AK-Willy 02-02-2011 11:29 AM

Looks like the $6.95 (SAC-M1CM15) are all sold but they still have $12.96 (SAC-M1C15) listed. Can anyone report on the more expensive ones? Are they US GI and condition?

I'm sitting on a Dec 22 CMP order and might opt out for the SOG ones.

Thanks, BILL

Torquemada 02-02-2011 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by AK-Willy (Post 277116)
Looks like the $6.95 (SAC-M1CM15) are all sold

Are you basing this off their website, or did you call them? I called within the last hour and they still had the $6.95 mags in stock.

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