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nf1e 03-28-2020 09:31 AM

Cleaning and lubing one of my XM21s.
Just getting one of my 6.5 XM21s ready to play this morning. I think I like this isolation thing.

nf1e 03-29-2020 06:35 AM

Bula Defense System XM21 6.5 Creedmoor heel. One of my favorites.

bandofM1 03-29-2020 07:24 AM

Very nice,well done Art!

nf1e 04-02-2020 01:29 PM

Trying out a new bipod that just arrived today. S7 looks super. No cast or mim parts and made in the USA. Replaced the Harris BRM with that was using a GG&G rail mount adapter.

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