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precision40 04-07-2021 10:34 PM

The OFFICIAL RGN Discussion thread
Want to talk about RNG's? This is where you do it. This is the sister thread to the 1911 Order Thread Round 2 which is located HERE

I will be willing to post the highest and lowest RGN's. If you see a higher or lower number than what's listed below, send me a PM with the number and I will update it here.

Highest Reported RGN/Date: 35,31X / 8 Apr

Lowest Reported RGN/Date: 20006 on 4/6/21

Big_Red 04-08-2021 05:07 AM

To piggyback on Rexís post, I spoke with 1911admin yesterday, who is out of the office dealing with a family issue, and RGNs are still being sent out, and will be for the coming weeks.
One issue that they understand can affect some folks is the delays being seen with USPS. A very small # of packets have trickled in that were mailed in Jan and Feb, so they want to ensure that these packets have a chance, as long as they were postmarked within the posted window.
NOTE: We will not tolerate any more USPS-bashing threads and the first person to make any kind of post badmouthing USPS will get a timeout. Not that we need or want to defend them, but there is just no value in those posts here.

For those who havenít received an RGN yet but have confirmed their packet was received, give it until June. They are encountering myriad issues, some repeat problems from first round and some that just make you wonder about a person getting a firearm.
Just a few examples:
- People putting work email addresses and when CMP emails them, they get an out-of-office reply that the person will be gone for X months...or canít access work email for (insert a reason)...or that they are no longer at this place of employment.
- People who have submitted packets but using another personís email address since they donít have email. Some are legit, some are folks attempting to game the system for a second pistol. Either way, takes time for them to follow up.
- And the same issue where people have entered an incorrect or misspelled email address/phone number, or have since changed emails and/or phone #s. Apparently they expect CMP to be able to read their mind and have the correct info.
Yes, ALL of the above are actual issues they have encountered.

Additionally, they are running into an issue I think we are all increasingly seeing, and sometimes unbeknownst to us.
This is NOT to stir any political comments, but it is clear there are more and more online/hosting/email entities out there that are restricting access to firearms related sites and traffic.
Specifically, they are getting rejected email notifications for certain email address, particularly those associated with schools and having .edu in the address. So they are having to make phone calls.
On a related note, I have personally encountered this in the last few months when I was at a local college campus and used their wifi...when I attempted to log onto the forum, I received a message that access was forbidden as it violated the collegeís weapons policy.

Anyway, if you know your packet made it and donít get an RGN by the first week of June, an email to 1911 customer service is warranted.

With that, we just ask folks to be patient and remember there are much more important things in life. CMP recently lost an employee who worked in the 1911 section and 1911admin has been out of the office all week tending to his family matter.
Ongoing speculation and false assumptions only causes addtl headaches for the 1911 staff, which is why we shut down extraneous RGN discussions. As Rex stated, feel free to post here any discussion, but know any posts that presume or speculate based on erroneous info will be removed.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

sheboyganjohn 04-08-2021 01:36 PM

Letís have a little game. Post up your RNG and put a guess when you think you will get the call. Then we can come back and see how wrong we were since I will be shocked if anyone with a number higher then 21000 gets it right.

I have 27951 and my guess is November 17 2021.

GeeBee 04-08-2021 01:54 PM

Big_Red delete some of your PM's please.

Jsmitty81 04-08-2021 01:57 PM

20075, Hopefully in the next 24hrs from some of the numbers Im already seeing that have received calls

SharpShooter82 04-08-2021 02:10 PM

I will play,,,


I guess I will get the call on 12/07/2021. Yes, I picked that date on purpose.

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msmith5150 04-08-2021 02:13 PM

CMP received my packet March 1st, my RGN is 30196. I'm completely fine with a nice wait. I have the money sitting in an interest bearing account separate from any other money.

My guess for the call is March 3rd, 2022.

Jsmitty81 04-08-2021 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by Fenris_Bane (Post 2033504)
I believe we have a winner for the lowest reported RGN from the 1911 order thread:

And it appears over 100 people have been contacted in on 4/7/21 & 4/8/21

Im 20075 and I have not had a call yet, maybe the person with my packet called out of work today?

Captwalleye 04-08-2021 02:52 PM

I'm bite the hook 35,313 so I'm saying June of 2022. Gives me plenty of time to stock up 45:D

Jsmitty81 04-08-2021 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Fenris_Bane (Post 2033518)
I can't comment about the calling process. But the lowest reported number didn't get called until today. I don't know how many people the CMP has to call 100+ people nor how long each call is.

Give it a couple of days. At best they are only working 8 hour days. So that is 480 minutes. At an average of 15 minutes per call, that is only 32 calls per day without breaks.

The caller has to get the information. Check the information to see if everything is in order. Call the number. Wait for an answer. Discuss the grades available. Collect any additional data. Record the information. Get out the next package. So 15 minutes may be too short of time to do all that.

So be happy, you are at the head of the line. You should have a 1911 by the end of the month if not sooner.

Im not stressing it for a few more days, just posted to help people keep track, Im sure Im not the only one with a lower number waiting on a call. Im also always delayed on my background check so that could also be an issue depending on what order that run that in.

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