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Tothemax 12-06-2021 08:43 PM

Today I made 50 150Gr SST rounds to take. That should be enough. Hopefully one or two of those will take down a pig while I am there. :)

sigman2 12-06-2021 10:19 PM

Good luck! Stay safe and enjoy your hunt.

Tothemax 12-09-2021 10:04 AM

Just finishing up the first morning. I sat in one area for a few hours and didn't see anything. I am still getting used to the ranches style but hopefully we get out and about later. No shots fired yet.

captaincalc 12-10-2021 06:34 AM

I've used both my Winchester and my Swedish Mauser on hogs (in TX hill country). Both do the job nicely. Also used my 1911. Well placed shots are the rule there. In the by-the-way dept, I've mostly hunted with a blade and as most of you know a bayonet is a blade. I've used one often and it puts the hog hunting experience on a whole different level. This is FYI to whoever dumped my bayonet message.

mjudge 12-10-2021 08:16 AM

Tothemax: Have fun in TX. Am familiar with the Fort Hood / Fort Bliss areas. Weather will be much nicer there than back home in MT. Looking forward to the reports on your experience.

Tothemax 12-10-2021 10:23 AM

I didn't take my bayonet as I was bumping thr weight limit. Oh well.

Nothing seen last night. This morning I took a shot at two runners in thick timber. No joy.

Hopefully we will go walking and flush a bunch out this afternoon.

Gunsling3r1988 12-11-2021 08:57 PM

I've never taken one hog hunting, but I have been deer hunting some with a Garand, haven't had the chance to get one with it yet, but I want to.

Tothemax 12-12-2021 02:10 PM

Well we are on the bus heading back to Dallas.

The trip overall was successful. It took me multiple days until I actually got the chance to see and shoot at some hogs as they were bedded down and not moving. The first one was a small one on the run which I shot at and missed.

The next day I saw another small one at 30 yards and shot. Missed. He ran and I tried again. Miss. I was starting to get frustrated as other guys were starting to rack up the numbers. Then again they all had optics and or thermal scopes.

Finally on the 2nd to last day I got on a larger hog and had the chance to shoot at 50ish yards. I hit him in the leg as he ran away from me. He turned and ran towards me and I launched a few more rounds at him.he finally went down and I ended up putting a few rounds of 45 into him to get him to die.

I had my m1 set at 100 yards on the elevation which when I sighted it in I was dead on with a 6 o clock hold. So I dropped the elevation down to zero and kept on moving.

We got onto a large hog and my buddy shot and hit it. It got up and started to run. I hit it in the front shoulder on the run and it dropped. It was a nice looking white and brown hog. We missed the largest hog by 1 lb.

So when I get a chance I need to see why I was so off with my elevations on the first pig. I felt like I should be an inch ot two low at close up but maybe it was just poor shooting?

150gr Hornady SST they pulled out of his shoulder.

T38Carbine 12-12-2021 02:24 PM

Here piggy piggy…nice job!!

pickax 12-12-2021 03:28 PM

Congrats on the brindle, Tough buggers aren't they!
Hornady SST did well too.
Hopefully they've been on good mast and will be tasty.

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