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HPMike800 11-06-2011 10:31 AM

1st Ever CMP State Championship
There is such a thing as a CMP State Championship in the competitions rule book. Not much format nor equipment requirements, just a few optional courses of fire. The format is really up to the state agencies, ranges and match directors. Rio Highpower has an established NRA Prone championship and it would be nice to have a Highpower equivalent for that match. The problem was there just has not been the number of shooters to warrant such a shindig. This CMP thing seemed like just the ticket.

After a little research and an approval from ASRPA, RSSC now has a CMP Sanctioned Arizona State Championship. The match program is attached. The match date is December 11th 2011.

Some Highlights:

1. A standing trophy with the winners listed.

2. Plaques for the Four state champions.

3. Yes, match rifles are allowed.

4. There is a 200yd match and 500yd matches fired simultaneously.

5. Juniors must shoot in service rifle to win as a junior.

6. Start from standing using CMP Loading.

7. There are no sighters and no alibis.

8. Time limits are 70, 80 sec due to the As-Issued division.

9. 80 round course of fire.

10. For CMP Rules:

Itís a little bit different than the usual because it blends all the Highpower disciplines together in one broad event. As a result please examine the match program carefully. Rio Salado Highpower is proud to host this championship event and we hope you will embrace it as well.

Since this is a Championship event, please be an experienced competitor (have 5 or so matches under your belt). If you are not classified by the NRA, your Rio scores may be used as classification (please provide them). If your rifle can not be loaded for rapids per CMP rules, contact the match director for approval (some bolt action match rifle's may not be able to).

See webpage for details:

Mike Toliver

Rio Salado Highpower

NEWGUY556 11-24-2011 11:03 PM

According to the match director they are still looking for shooters in the "As Issued" divison. I am really hoping some other Garand shooters show up as I dont want to be the only one.
For the as issued division this will basically be an 80 shot Garand Match without sighters. We get to shoot the whole thing at 200 yards. The SR target will be used for all but the Slow Fire Prone which will be a reduced target to simulate 300yrds.
If you have shot in enough matches to know how to give good pit service and be a good score keeper you should sign up for this one. A good turn out will insure that there will be an as issued division next time.

NEWGUY556 12-09-2011 10:44 PM

Need 1 more shooter in the junior service rifle and the as issued division for awards. If interested contact the match director. Mike Toliver or pm me and I will.

NEWGUY556 12-12-2011 02:06 PM

Thanks to John, who brought himself and his 17 yr old daughter to fill the 2 openings so we could have awards.

Congratulations to Ron Foos AKA Levisdad, as he is the 2011 AZ State As Issued Rifle Champion.

levisdad 12-26-2011 03:01 PM

Nice Bling...
Modern day band of brothers...
Putin on the dope...
He got game...
Those of you local guys that don't shoot competitively, you are missing out!

Johnm1 12-27-2011 10:17 AM

More like 'What's this thing do' than putting on the dope. That looks like me except I don't have that bald spot in the back (as far as I can tell).

They sure didn't design the windage and elevation knob markings with 50 year old eyes in mind.

I have been trying to get some of the collectors I know involved and I may have some luck in January/February. For those that haven't tried a match, it is a lot of fun and the atmosphere is very inviting. There just isn't a down side to shooting in a match. Even if you shoot poorly you learned something and it is better than cleaning out the garage or some other honey do. And you are likely to be surprised at how well you can shoot that 60 year old rifle. To steal a marketing phrase, Just do it. I don't shoot well enough to compete with the big dogs but when ever I can get my boss to come, we have a standing bet. Who ever shoots the lowest score buys lunch on the way home.

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