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Pittsburgher 10-17-2021 08:48 PM

Reason for single loading/slow fire?
I've been shooting CMP/Hi-power matches intermittently for about 10 years but I still don't understand the purpose of single-load standing and prone.

Is it for preventing certain rifles from having advantages?
It is about forcing shooters to break position and re-acquire it consistently?
Is it about ensuring the weight of the rifle is the same for each shot?

There's disadvantages though:
* The round can roll out before you close your bolt
* Higher risk of Garand thumb (am I doing it wrong?)
* Extractor damage if you've been single loading with the round direct into the chamber (I think this is how mine broke)

I've wanted to bring my G3 clone over to shoot one of these matches for kicks, but the thought of opening the charging handle after each shot was pretty unappealing. Maybe the 30 HK slaps might make it worth the trouble.

bpm32 10-17-2021 09:31 PM

Every time Iíve asked anyone they always say itís a safety issue, but canít elaborate further. Itís probably some goofy artifact of old timey shooting.

Oddly enough, in the Swiss version of CMP (called Schiesswesen ausser Dienst), you can load up a mag with 18 rounds in your Stgw90 and shoot the whole course of fire, but in the pistol version you have to single loadÖ..they bring the whole target back to you to score EACH SLOW FIRE ROUND.

HighpowerRifleBrony 10-18-2021 01:45 AM

Seems a holdover from the 1873 to the 1896 and 1903, and then it became dogma. The only good reason I can think now is to figure out crossfires sooner.

jcj54 10-18-2021 11:15 AM

Single load in slow fire
I ran our local club highpower program for 16 seasons. I was constantly amazed at the things people did with loaded rifles when they had only one in the rifle. The thought of having more in the magazine is disturbing to an experienced range officer.

BRMPCF50 10-18-2021 11:41 AM

I think it is an artifact from the Krag and M1903 days when rifles had magazine cutoffs. Then the doctrine was you fired single loaded rounds and kept the magazine in reserve (for a mass charge by the enemy).

CDRT 10-18-2021 02:25 PM

The reason you single load for off-hand and prone, is the same reason you have a magazine change for the rapid fires; marksmanship training and the ability to properly operate your rifle in a variety of situations. The same goes for going from standing to sitting. It refers to the fact that this is a service rifle match and the relation it has to infantry training. If we were just concerned about putting rounds downrange, they would let you load ten rounds for every course of fire and not bother with magazine changes or single loading.

Dreadnought 12-30-2021 02:16 PM

I don't know if its intended, but the act of single loading also forces you to re-build your firing position after each shot. It's a game of process and mental discipline.

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