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Blurry 01-27-2021 10:33 AM

Bula M14s
Perhaps asked before but I’m asking now. Opinions from more knowledgeable persons on the forum about Bula rifles. I’m gonna get one, just figuring which. Do I get the “paratrooper” version? If so, NM or standard barrel? Or do I get the 22” barrel NM? I have a 1992 SAI that I like. Had a Bula a couple of years ago that I liked too. Needed to sell one unfortunately. Anyway, thank you for whatever inputs. Be well, God bless.

ZvenoMan 01-27-2021 12:18 PM

I have no comments on Bula (plenty will post after me) but I have always wondered why, when purchasing a shorter (than standard) barrel builders consider a match or NM barrel?

Few would shorten the barrel and seek additional accuracy.
I have rifles with match barrels and I have carbine versions of rifles, they are for different purposes (for me). Seems to me a shorter version of a rifle, while not expected to be "less accurate", does not have a need for accuracy above the standard. Let's assume the average accuracy of an M14 opens up (50% for argument) with a shorter barrel. (I don't know that accuracy would suffer; I know of a few rifles where any length in a specific range, say 18-24" makes no difference). Will that make it less suited for the task designed? If it went to say 4-5 MOA would you notice (other than shooting targets)? I assume a "paratrooper" model is not to be a DMR?
And would the NM barrel make back up that drop (if it exists)?
I used to shoot IDPA/IPSC matches and some of the yahoos bragged about their match barrels (in Glocks, etc.). Few outshot me, and I'm no expert, and my match pistols are stock + 3dot sights.
Is it the Indian or the arrow?

Maybe someone has some facts to change my mind?


Blurry 01-27-2021 02:26 PM

Thanks Zvenoman. I am onboard with what you are saying as to the efficacy of a NM barrel in the shorter format. Most of what I’ve been reading says there isn’t much between the standard and “Para” versions in terms of accuracy at least out to 300m. I seldom shoot past that anyway and I’m quite far away from sniper material anyway. I’m thinking of getting the shorter one and perhaps the standard barrel. Maybe silly to put a “heavier” NM barrel on the shorter rifle. TLB thanks for the heads-up on balance and handling. I doubt I as trigger-puller will notice much. Thank you.

nf1e 01-27-2021 03:01 PM

Having build a bunch of rifles using Bula receiver, parts and barrels from 16.5, 18.5. 19.5 and 22", I don't believe you will notice much difference in accuracy on a standard form rifle. Recently finished up one using their 16.5 suppressor ready set up. Looks fine to my old eyes.

Blurry 01-27-2021 03:27 PM

Sounds good nf1e. What you say about these rifles holds much weight with me.
Thanks and God bless!

ernie 01-27-2021 04:31 PM

My Bula 22" NM shoots amazing. I like their stuff a lot. I got this particular one from Jeff Miller at Camp Perry 3 or 4 years ago. Shoots great!

oodnoodn 01-27-2021 06:03 PM

I built a Bula a couple years ago with the 19.25" NM profile barrel. I like it, but the shorter NM barrel is heavier than a 22" regular profile barrel. If I were going to do over, I'd probably get the regular profile shorter barrel to optimize portability.

Blurry 01-27-2021 07:24 PM

I am pretty much settled on getting the 19.25” rifle with the lighter profile barrel. And the 22” with the NM barrel. I’ll give one to my brother. I’m certain each will perform past my capabilities. There is a two week wait at the moment on the 22” NM barrel. I feel like I did decades ago waiting on Santa. Thank you all very much.

nf1e 02-07-2021 05:38 AM

Wise decision grasshopper. I think you will enjoy both of your set ups.

Hawk 02-21-2021 04:36 PM

I've always been in the "to each their own" club. I've has a short barrelled M14 that I had in a LAW483 stock. It certainly had the "cool" factor and shot very well in the distances that I have access to.

With that said,I have always been sort of a traditionalist, as most the know me will agree. 22 inch barrels are the norm for me. That said, even though I am a traditionalist, I can appreciate some of the other things that are experimented with with our beloved M14.

I don't consider those that experiment with our platform idiots, dumb or stupid, but put them into the all collective Modern category.

I was the first to experiment and produce a tactical stock for the M14 that used an adaptor to install an adjustable stock from the M4 on. Later someone else created an adaptor made out of nylon I believe or some other synthetic material where mine was made from aluminum.

If we expect our M14s to be around and strong in the next generation, we should both expect and appreciate new ideas and creations.

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