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SofaGeorge 08-03-2011 08:31 PM

M1 Garand buttstock storage space question
First, thank you CMP. The quality of my rifle, ammo and your customer service are all outstanding.

Now, for the M1 Garand experts here ... I have a question about the buttstock storage space. I was under to assumption that the storage space was for a field strip cleaning kit. The ones I have seen appear to be a single tube shaped kit... But when I popped the plate I see that there are two tubes.

Does a single tube hold one cleaning kit or does something else go in the second tube? If so... What goes there?

Also, since this is my first M1 Garand I need to get a cleaning kit to go in the stock. Is there a recommendation on best kit to get. I would like to stay as close to original GI as possible.

budmant 08-03-2011 08:34 PM

We need to know if your rifle is WW2 or Post WW2. The buttstock components were slightly different.

Mals9 08-03-2011 08:53 PM

I keep an M1A3 cleaning tool in one hole and an oiler in the other.

dpd3672 08-03-2011 09:16 PM

I thought the cleaning rod went in one hole and the combo tool/oiler (plastic tube with yellow caps) went in the other. There's a photo of a cutaway somewhere.

Of course, the holes in the stock also are a great place to store chewing tobacco, pinups of Betty Grable, or Nazi souvenirs...I saw it in the movies!

Edit: This isn't the photo I was thinking of, but pretty much the same idea:

SofaGeorge 08-04-2011 12:16 AM

It's an H&R... so I think that means post-WWII.

And Wow... the storage area appears to be a lot. Along with a cleaning kit in one hole... I could put a small knife, matches... a million things in the other... but obviouly I'm interested in what is supposed to be there.

Did H&R us different cleaning kits than Winchester and Springfield? I've found one site that sells reproductions of the WWII cleaning kit... but no Korean War cleaning kit yet.

budmant 08-04-2011 07:33 AM

you would need the clear plastic oiler & the multi-piece cleaning rod with the M10 tool

Oscar 08-04-2011 09:51 AM

See if this helps:

SofaGeorge 08-05-2011 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by budmant (Post 396386)
you would need the clear plastic oiler & the multi-piece cleaning rod with the M10 tool

Thank you. Does anyone know best place to get the kits?


Originally Posted by Oscar (Post 396443)

That is awesome. Double thanks. It even shows how to use cleaning pads as buffers.

pmclaine 08-05-2011 06:49 PM

Buy the NOS cleaning kits from CMP (see the sales accesory page). $15 and they are original GI from a legitimate source. They are also correct for your rifle - M10 tool with bagged rods. They dont come with the plastic oiler case though. You may try Bill Ricca for GI surplus or Midway for the replicas.

....but get a good Dewey coated cleaning rod and bore guide for actually cleaning your rifle. Its been shown that the civilian type cleaning of a barrel with a steel rod will not degrade the barrel crown but for peice of mind use a coated rod.

KRAG-30-40 08-05-2011 06:59 PM

Bill Ricca has the complete M10 buttstock cleaning kits with oilers.The real deal not import replica junk.

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