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sonnyboy 04-18-2022 10:12 AM

M73b1 question
id the m73b1 scope ever have locking screws on windage and elevation knobs? I always thought you had to watch readjusting the settings because they only have a small beveled tab between the adjustmant knobs to give a click feel to your adjustments. I have been looking at a m73b1 scope that has a srew in the center of adjustment knobs that after clicking in your windage and elevation, you can tighten the center screw to hold in that position your adjustments????????

cnjcomp 05-31-2022 08:51 AM

The type two M73B1's had a screw in the center of the knobs. Never saw one in person so I don't have any idea if they lock the adjustments.
For what its worth the M73B1 type 1 I have has very positive stops and it has never changed adjustments on me.

jlacy 06-01-2022 09:38 PM

If it is a later M73, it will have screws that allow you to reset zero marks on top. Sorta like we do on modern scopes today.

Mark1 06-02-2022 12:10 PM

Can you post a picture. It would help greatly.

The Weaver 330 has a screw for the windage and elevation adjustments in the center with a locking ring.

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