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M151A2 12-04-2018 10:50 AM

If there are any 1911s being auctioned
If there are any 1911s be auctioned, will they be on the same CMP site as the rifles are?

Aflyer111 12-04-2018 11:14 AM

I believe they will be on the regular auction site. They did not have an ETA for when they will appear. I tried to find where I saw it here but could not locate it. Perhaps someone else has the link.

ZvenoMan 12-04-2018 12:46 PM

CMP1911 is a different business entity from CMP.
They have stated that countless times.
There is no reason to think they will use the same auction site as CMP; if they do that would create more questions........


drslash 12-04-2018 03:12 PM

I doubt it will be the same auction site that is used for rifles. CMP1911admin has already stated that their 1911 order entry system and database is the same software used by the rifle CMP but a separate installation with its own customers and orders. My guess is that they will use the same auction software but brand it for CMP 1911 and have a totally separate database. Two distinct software installations will very likely suffice for the company separation requirement. The use of the auction site from the customer-user perspective will likely be similar to the rifle auction site.

Aflyer111 12-05-2018 08:54 AM

There you go. Since I did not find the info I thought I saw, I'm sure they are right. I am glad I learn something new every day here. :)

weimar_police 12-05-2018 09:23 AM

since this is all guess work, it could be all on gunbroker - lots of companies post on gunbroker :D

cmp1911admin 12-05-2018 12:15 PM

We are not really discussing action right now. Looking around late 2019 (maybe). WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS SO THIS THREAD CAN BE LOCKED before everyone gets their panties in a wad.

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