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VMFn542bob 06-13-2012 12:05 PM

My MANN Project Progress Update (by vmfn542bob)
In May 2009 I purchased two Mann Accuracy Devices from the CMP.
Once I had them in my posession I began to do some research and planning the details on what I wanted to do with them.
My first priority was and remains, to preserve them as they were 'gifted to me' by the CMP.
Over the ensuing three years I have worked out a design with my only design tool being Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Only recently have I had the time to begin implimenting the design.
I am not a machinist by training but metal working has been a hobby of mine since I was twelve.
My design is still a long way from completion but it has matured enough now to share on this forum.
My last post relative to my own devices was included in a 2010 thread (see link below).
When you look at the photos below keep in mind that this is still a work in process.
My plan is to have the three support blocks I have made parkerized. (I made one block for each of my devices and one for practice.)
The design of a stock is still evolving but I envision it will be made of alluminum and wood.
The support tube is 2 inch diameter galvanized exhaust pipe purchased at my local Midas Muffler.
Very soon I hope to find the time to mill the vent slots in several tubes and flare the ends that will be secured in the support block.
Once I have completed the milling of the slots, flaring and polishing them, I will powder coat them SILVER.
Our Sun City Metal and Woodworking Clubs have vast resources that, except for parkerizing, permit me to do all the work myself. .
Posted 01-30-2010, 11:41 PM
A plan to support the MANN Accuracy Device by the collar.
See Post #15 -,
End boring the MANN Support Block
The two Folger coffee cans contain the metal shavings removed from boring the 3-step hole in three blocks. (I did not save the shavings removed from the twelve threaded, counter bored holes that hold the two pieces of this 'clam shell' together.) The block is made with two pieces of cold rolled steel each measuring 1.500" x 3.000" x 5.200". The combined weight of two pieces was about 12-1/2 pounds. The milling operation reduced the total weight of one block to about 9 pounds.

MANN Barrel Support Block Evolving
The MANN Accuracy Device, Support Block and Support Tube (unventilated ) assembly shown above weighs about 21 pounds.

MANN barrel supported Concept Evolution,

BubbaTheKid 06-15-2012 02:13 PM

Does the Mann Device come with just the one donut on the barrel? I'm confused bythe pictures of the devicein the sled with the two donuts on the barrel and what you and other kids have been doing. I've been kind of day dreaming a stock system based off the two barrel donuts/collars to hold the barrel.

VMFn542bob 06-15-2012 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by BubbaTheKid (Post 615152)
Does the Mann Device come with just the one donut on the barrel? I'm confused bythe pictures of the devicein the sled with the two donuts on the barrel and what you and other kids have been doing. I've been kind of day dreaming a stock system based off the two barrel donuts/collars to hold the barrel.

Hi BubbaTK - PM sent.
P.S. - I just came back from making my first ventilated support tube. It took me all day to make just one. I will make 2 more. (refer to previous post of what the support tube is and looks like). I will post pictures later.

VMFn542bob 06-16-2012 10:47 PM

Fabricating the MANN Barrel Support Tube
I completed two more support tubes today. (text edited 29Jun2012 - The support tube bears the weight of the MANN without touching the barrel.) These photos illustrate what is involved in making them. (I had 4 blanks to work with. The first was for practice because I had not used a dividing head before this. I came to the metal shop with two end mills and once I was set up I proceeded to cut the slots. When almost all of the slots had been cut in the fisrt tube, the 0.500" diameter 4-flute hollow end mill I was using broke. I replaced it with a backup 2-flute center cut and continued. It was not until I got home I could see a difference. The 2-flute was smaller (0.4375"). No problem. I changed the dimensions on my drawing.)
The tube material is common 16 gage 2 inch diameter galvanized exhaust pipe purchased from Midas Muffler.,
Ventilated Support Tube Dimensions,
Squaring the ends of the tubes on a lathe,
Milling vent slots on a milling machine with a dividing head,
Three ventilated MANN Barrel Support Tubes (unfinished)

Three machined support tubes stand between a Folgers coffee canister (used to transport small tools to and from the metal shop) and my book of engineering drawings needed to setup and run the machines.
The tube on the left is unique. In addition to four rows of seven slots it also has one row of 7 small holes on the top. It is experimental as this entire project is.
The setup time for preparing these machines was considerable.
The support tubes still need to be polished, sand blasted and powder coated. That will be the very last thing I will do before putting it all together and trying it out at the range.
I still have a long way to go.

19 June 2012 - Bored slot in support block for the Support Tube Stop flange

2 Jul 2012 - I finished fabricating the MANN Barrel Support Tubes today.
Over the weekend I deburred and polished the slots.
Today I sand blasted them and painted them with GR539 Chrome Powder Coat Color.
Three ventilated MANN Barrel Support Tubes (FINISHED),

VMFn542bob 07-22-2012 07:50 PM

22 Jul 2012 - Scope Is Attached to a Unmodified MANN Accuracy Device
Pictured below, attached to a steel Nightforce Gunsmith Picatinny Rail, is a Nightforce 12-42x 56mm precision Benchrest Scope fitted with an optional 3 inch sun shade extension and a ELEVATION and CANT bubble indicator. The barrel support tube (pictured earlier in this thread) and stock extension (to be defined) has not been attached.
This assembly will now be disassembled and the Picatinny Rail and Support Block will be parkerized (after I have completed making two more of each of them).
The scope is attached to the rail with a Nightforce Unimount which will allow me to switch it to my other MANN Accuracy Device. The Unimount and the rail EACH have a 20MOA TAPER to offset the extreme elevation of the scope above the barrel and to permit this device to be used for long distance shooting. Total weight as shown here is 24 pounds.,

I am adding the final assembly draings here. I only have Adobe Photo Elements 7 to do my drawings so please overlook the lack of professionalism.,,

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