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Cowboysnavy 11-16-2012 04:30 PM

Solved feeding problem
The problem with feeding is the extractor it isn't wide enough to feed the 7.62x51 properly the 30-06 is only slightly different. If you pull your bolt out and hold the extractor stiff like it is in your receiver you will see that it has to flex a lot to allow the 7.62 cartridge to feed into it. If you clearance Where the extractor is cut slightly inward on a few thousands .003-.004" it will feed like butter I wish I could show photos but no camera.
I found this out when feeding a snap cap it feed so clean I took a few measurements and found the base of the snap cap was .005" smaller than my 7.62.

kraigwy 11-17-2012 08:09 PM

Good to know for when I get my 1903 308 Mann.

The one I have now is a Rem 700 5.56 Mann, which is a bit different as it feeds better from the mag. then it does single loading like the 1903 Mann's.

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