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schutzen 03-25-2021 06:30 PM

CMP Certificates of Authenticity
Seeing the thread by gglithox made me start thinking. I sold a couple Winchester 52Ds and a few Remington 40Xs that went without the certificates. If any of these certificates match a rifle you have PM or email me and I will send the certificate to you. Wayne

Most of the rifles would probably have come from the Sioux Falls Ramkota show or the Yankton SD show.

Winchester 52D 116011
Winchester 52D 118930D

Remington 40X USMC 4995
Remington 40X USMC 5491

Remington 40X 7570
Remington 40X 16287

Remington 40XB 25537B
Remington 40XB 26109B
Remington 40XB 27458B
Remington 40XB 29449B
Remington 40XB 29779B
Remington 40XB 30603B

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