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YahooMarine 02-18-2020 02:49 PM

Yes, safe for another year. Next year someone will resurrect something like the bill that was put to rest... maybe just nibble at magazine restrictions or evil features. But next year being an election year for the House I suspect many dems will be wary of provoking another uprising.

Had the ban passed I would have purchsed a 10 round carbine mag to see how it was blocked and then modified a few garden variety USGI mags to accept 12 rounds.

Also, I had out a few old Glock 13 round .45 mags I was ready to pull apart and block as well. Glad I waited. That would have been an easy mod as it was so hard to get the 13th round in anyway a small piece of wood or glob of epoxy would have likely done the job.

There is still some nastiness going on this week regarding gun free zones etc so I am watching the Senate and House ready to email or call the appropriate politician.


jayej2156 02-18-2020 05:35 PM

I still may get a couple of smaller mags, makes it easier to shoot off a rest. Yea, them devils could still call a special session on the ban, hopefully not. Us folks that actually know what the Constitution means do not need to let up at all. This Levene guy is such a fanatic, I really think he needs to see a shrink.

epm729 02-18-2020 05:47 PM

Three cheers for the Senators from Virginia. I wish the ones in New York had that kind of back bone. Let freedom ring. Eddie

jayej2156 02-18-2020 06:00 PM

I think something learned is that, not only counties & cities in a state, need to unite, like we did in Virginia, but cities, & counties in every state need to unite, & coordinate their efforts, & I think we saw this happen in Virginia also.We all love our M1 Carbines, & Garands, along with our modern firearms, but even our vintage firearms, such as our Carbines, were being attacked.

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