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USriflecal30 03-05-2019 10:22 AM

2019 TN State Championship GSM Games Matches
Oak Ridge Sportsmens Association (in Oak Ridge) is hosting the CMP 2019 TN State Championship As-Issued Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Military Matches on Saturday 28 September 2019.

Please see the following link for the match bulletin.

CMP State Championship medals up for grabs in all three matches, plus the GSM aggregate match.:GS: :SS: :BS:

I am currently gathering prizes as well, and we should have a great prize table.

USriflecal30 03-19-2019 06:23 PM

So far the prize donation list includes items from:

Hornady (a lot of cool stuff)
Midway USA
Creedmoor Sports
Orion 7,
Ron Brown Service Rifle Slings

USriflecal30 05-15-2019 12:01 PM

Vortex Optics has also provided a prize.

USriflecal30 05-15-2019 02:44 PM

Here are some of the prizes so far.

And you have three chances (four really) to win one of these.

USriflecal30 05-29-2019 06:33 AM

Gift Certificate from Orion 7.

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