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UtahM1Garand 02-17-2021 10:47 AM

Ammo shipping times?
Anyone have insights into how long an Ammo orders take to ship after the order is placed online?

Placed 2 orders the end of January, still shows processing.


d.swider777 02-17-2021 01:45 PM

There’s a few posts about this. People are waiting for theirs since early December. I placed an order January 9 and expect be waiting for several more months, if I even get it

DP68 02-17-2021 02:03 PM

For a point of reference I placed an order in mid December (small order 200rnds) and just checked and it is showing status as Processing, which to me means still somewhere in the waiting que.

I think if CMP accepted your order they knew they would have inventory to fill, it just may be awhile until they get it shipped.

Hobbs 02-21-2021 11:40 AM

shipping times
I ordered a case of .223 Hornady match and a case of federal GM match on 12/19 and my credit card was just charged.

Order shipped today (2/23) tracking number given.

6string 02-21-2021 12:02 PM

Mid-December, still waiting

Icecoldsteel 02-21-2021 09:27 PM

I ordered ammo December 28, still processing.

bayfritz 02-25-2021 09:15 PM

Ordered Dec 24, still processing

Mtz1598 02-26-2021 01:10 AM

Ordered 3006 on 12/28 still processing.

DP68 02-26-2021 06:33 AM

Order I placed in mid-December (don't remember exact day) for 200rnds .30-06 arrived yesterday

BPN_PacNW 03-01-2021 07:29 PM

Thanks, it's good to hear orders are being fulfilled and just delayed. I have a pending order from January that I'm hoping is in time for a late March match. Hopefully the bottleneck doesn't go too long.

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