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sailorman 09-12-2021 01:22 PM

JC Garand Match on E Shore Nov 2021
A fun competitive event for shooters of military-style rifles

DATE: Saturday November 13, 2021. Clinic, 9 AM; match, 12 noon to about 3 PM.

LOCATION: NOAAWIVA Sportsmen Inc. at 30516 Chincoteague Road, Oak Hall, VA. From Route 13 at T’s Corner turn east toward Chincoteague. After 200 yds turn right into woods. Parking free.

REGISTRATION: Anyone 14 or older may attend. To advance register, mail name, address and entry fee to David Poyer, General Delivery, Franktown VA 23354. In case of a large turnout pre-registrations will have precedence. Fees: adults, $18.00 for clinic and/or match. Juniors under 18, $10. Make check or M.O. to: NOAAWIVA Rifle Team, or pay by cash or check at the event.

RULES AND AWARDS: CMP Rules govern. First, 2nd and 3rd place awards by rifle category. Pins of the same design as the medals awarded at the National John C. Garand Match. A Certificate of Competition fulfills the participation requirement for purchasing CMP rifles.

SAFETY: Each shooter must wear eye and ear protection. A waiver must be signed before the match starts. We’ll inspect your rifle for safety before letting you shoot! COVID RULES: Please bring and wear a mask until you are on the firing line. Handwashing station available. Both clinic and match will take place outdoors.

CLINIC: Starts promptly 9 AM. Contents: safety, rifle operation, match procedures. Unless you’ve taken NOAAWIVA rifle training or equivalent, you MUST take clinic before competing.

COURSE OF FIRE: The John C. Garand Match, Course A will be fired at 100 yards:
Stage 1: Slow fire prone: 5 sighting shots with coaching in a time limit of 5 minutes
Stage 2: Slow fire prone: 10 record shots in a time limit of 10 minutes
Stage 3: Rapid fire prone: 10 record shots in a time limit of 70 (80 for bolt action rifles)
Stage 4: Standing: 10 record shots in a time limit of 10 minutes.

RIFLES, AMMO; As-issued U. S. Rifle cal. .30 M1903/M1903A3 (“Springfield” Class), Rifle cal..30 M1 (“Garand”); as-issued bolt-action rifle of any armed force of any country (“Vintage Bolt-Action”). “Modern Military” semiauto centerfire rifles such as M4s, AR-15s, SKSs or Aks, unless modified for matches. Competitors may use other rifles, but will not receive pins. We’ll have Garands and ARs to rent to Club members. We’ll have .223, 30-06, and .308 ammunition for sale. Persons firing other calibers must provide their own.

LUNCH: There’ll be a break before the match begins. Water and cold drinks available.

QUESTIONS: Call (757) 442-3013 or contact <>. Important: If you are 18 or older, fill out and bring along the notarized affidavit. You need not do a new affidavit if you are 17 or younger, or if an affidavit from previous years is on file with us.

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