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AzMedic 04-26-2022 12:41 PM

PSA - Linseed Oil Flammability
Recent structure fire in Arizona on 4/25/2022 ---

previous PSA on Boiled Linseed Oil:

and a reminder - "working smoke alarms saved the residentsí lives" - check those detectors and change out the batteries regularly :)

BSAGuy 04-26-2022 01:05 PM

Glad nobody got hurt. That was a heck of a fire. You gotta wet them rags.

lapriester 05-04-2022 06:17 PM

I've personally seen three houses burn to the ground from people using linseed oil on their new decks and tossing the rags in a trash can. One in a garage plastic trash can, one in a trash can sitting on the new deck and the other, when I was a kid, in a can placed in the water heater closet (duh, on the last one).

All my rags go in a water filled bucket until trash day and are put in the trash soaking wet inside a zip lock.

GGaskill 05-05-2022 12:37 AM

Or you can hang the rags on the clothes line until dry. The heat comes from the oil catalyzing but if not in an insulating pile, it will be dispersed into the air.

TW56 05-06-2022 07:32 PM

I usually just put them in my Weber grill and burn them up.

Sheeple Fighter 05-29-2022 08:02 AM

I throw mine outside my garage door in the rocks and get them wet. let them set for a week or so and then dump. just did this yesterday. Was working on some garand stock pencil holders for the boys yesterday afternoon.

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